Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just Jabbering

This has been one semi-yucky week. I caught my grand babies cold, and ended up watching my parent’s three little dog’s, along with my own little one, for the past five days and nights. The yucky part was the cold, of course, and the part of staying sicker longer than the babies, so I haven’t seen them all week. The fun part was hanging with these little dogs. Mine is my sister’s that past, Barbie, who is a long hair mini-Chihuahua. She has taken to me like no other, and treats me the same as she did my beautiful sister, Deanna. Come near me when I’m eating, and you may get bit, or walk up to my car with the two of us in it, and she goes crazy. Can’t hug me if your not one of the Nope, don’t want to do that…And she cries every time I have to leave her for a little while, and my mom said she doesn’t stop until I come home…sweet little thing. My dad’s dog, Connie, better known as Pooter, is also a mini-Chihuahua, and one of the cutest little butter balls that I’ve ever seen. Molly, is a mini-Pomeranian, solid white, and my mothers little girl. My mothers baby and I do mean…‘baby‘ Chachie, he is a toy Doberman Pincher, with the attitude of his larger K-9 buddy’ He bites at the heels of everyone he doesn’t want coming in the house.

I had this big ole house to myself, and four little dogs that all want to be up against my leg, while I laid on the bed, or in my lap, while trying to get some work completed. Needless to say, I didn’t get much of anything It seemed every time I would get on a good roll, one of the dogs would start growling at one of the others that was trying to get in closer, and the snapping match was on, causing me to push dogs out of the way, so that I could get out of their Ever been nipped by a tiny dog? Feels like someone is pinching the crap out of Trying to sleep at night had to be either the best feeling, or the worse. On one hand I felt loved, cozy, and very much needed, but on the other I felt cramped, over heated, and pushed to the edge of my own bed! I thought the best part would be my parent’s coming home today, but it’s not. I’m sitting here, with my one little dog, who is sound asleep, and it’s feeling just a little lonely not having the others in here. Doesn’t mean that I’m going to go get me another dog, not even But, I will look forward to watching them again.

I finally get my grand baby tomorrow night, and boy, are we going to have a blast. I miss all of my little ones, but I truly miss my best friend. She has been staying with grandma, since she was a baby, and we try not to miss our time. I walk in their home and the first thing she says after yelling, “Grandma!” is, “I get my clothes and we go to your house, huh, Grandma?” Every single I absolutely love being a grandma, it’s the best thing that has happen to me since the birth of their mother. I just can’t thank God, enough!!!

Hopefully, I will be getting back to work as soon as I take her home, Monday evening. I did not make my Jan, goal, but will do my best to catch up this month. I won’t be doing any weekend outings for a while, don’t have anywhere to go anyway…that is until I get ready to go to Texas, so with a huge push, I should kick out three of my uncompleted novels. My Tall Tales, is at the end of its road, so I will have to stop with the short stories for a while, which is good, so I will start back up in Dark Knight…If I can finish the three books, it will mean that I have eight full length novels under my belt, nine if you count my short story book:

Living in Darkness
The Revenge
Seeking Others
Uncertain Meanings
A Chance at Love

Dark Knight of the Skye
Gypsy Wings
Miss Judgments…[re-naming]
…..working on…..

Tall Tales
….almost complete….

Books to finish after the three:

Lies Beneath London
Unnatural Forces
The Director
The Ways of the South
Sister’s of Death
Her Destiny His Soul

Looks like I have several months of lock down, if I plan on getting all of these out of my way…I want them done and I am not going to stop until they are. I have a new idea for a series, but I refuse to do anything about it until these are out of my

Hope you all have a great night, and a wonderful, Sunday!

Rock On!!!