Friday, July 5, 2013

Starting over...Again..LOL

Hi all....

Well, instead of going through the bull of sending in manuscripts to a company...I am going to go Independent all the way!!! I have been through the ringer with 'companies' and have had my fill!!! The next company you see my work at will be my own...EJC Publishing...but, I will never open submission to the public. Getting my business license and having that title will be for marketing reasons only~  I will self publish until 2014, putting out all the work that I had out....all but my short reads and those will go into one of my volumes of Short Stories of Twisted Tales.

Arrival of the Prophecy
Bloodbreeders; Living in Darkness
Bloodbreeders; The Revenge

...are all three getting a fresh new start with new covers, editing, copy editing and pro formatting.

Arrival of the Prophecy, will be my first re-release...Then I will release a brand new novel. My contemporary read that I wrote for my mother.  Uncertain Meanings... Once those two are out in both ebook and print (And they will come out in ebook and print at the same time or very close)  I will release all three Bloodbreeder books in ebook and print and ready book 4. Before book 4... I will be releasing the first book in another series. A thriller: Piper Vale...Please Don't Hurt Me....

I have been accepted at Coffee Time Romance to sell all of my ebooks on their site as an Independant...they will also be available on Amazon (Kindle and Print), Barnes & Nobles (Nook and Print), Books a Million, Smashword and several other online sites... that will be just to start.

Uncertain Meanings
Publisher: Robin Renee Ray
Editor: Jeanette Ratajczyk
Copy Editor: DeAnna Felthauser
Cover Art: Rebel Angel Designs

Bloodbreeders; Seeking Others...Book 3
Publisher; Robin Renee Ray
Editor: Jeanette Ratajczyk
Copy Editor: DeAnna Felthauser
Cover Art: Rebel Angel Designs

...will keep their covers due to I am using the same cover artist. Rebel Angel Designs~

I have a great deal of work ahead of me, but I have one hell of a crew. Due to personal things it may be a few days, week or weeks before that first release...what's a short delay... I am fixing to spread my wings and show how one gets things done, after all. : ) Like that old saying....want it done right...DO IT YOURSELF!!! ; )

Big Hugs to you all~