Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sharing a few photos of the 2012 Undead Con Conference and Anne Rice Wolf Gift Ball

I had a blast at the Anne Rice Wolf Gift Ball and the Undead Con in New Orleans this year! 2012 held by the ARVLFC with the very amazing Suzie Q...

 I cannot tell you how many people in my family does not believe me when I tell them how old this woman is...because she looks 20 years younger and I have yet to find out her secret. ; )  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

Collie James, author of: The Forgotten is also an actor and one of the coolest people that I have ever met. We were on the Undead Con Conference Panel together and it absolutely ROCKED!!!

I was like "WOW" it's Lewis Aleman!!! He signed a book for my daughter and I was all super happy..LOL And so was Kysha when she got it. He is the author of The Anti-Vampire Tale...and he was just soooooo nice!!!!

I was so happy to see Jyl again this year...She is one of the coolest chicks I have ever met and is always so pleasant to be around. I think she is beautiful and makes one hell of an intriguing Vampire! Those who follow my site have seen her photos up from last years Ball.


OMGoodness...I met THE Allan Gilbreath of Kerlak Publishing and who is an author himself. We signed a book for each other and I was doing my Snoopy dance. But when I first found out who he was it was hard to let go of his hand..LOL *Blush* I think we hit it off and I will be sending him a piece of my work to check out. I told him I would be getting my foot in the door. ; ) And he told me to send it in!!! WooHoo!!!

My table at the Undead Con!

Some truly wickedly wonderful ladies at the Ball~ And they all look amazing!

Two of my very best friends: Author Christie Silvers to the left and Tammy Heidenheimer to the right...Tammy has been my best friend since we were in the third grade and she is always there when I need her. Christie is my inspiration and has been since the first year that I became a writer... and I was so proud to see her in New Orleans!!!

I took most of these photos from the VIP area upstairs, where Christie Silvers, Tim her husband, and her sister and her hubby....along with Tammy and a few of my peeps, Dale Morgan and Tommy Morgan, had our drinks...and who came to show me their support and that just rocked my world. It is always good to see family and friends go that extra mile to be there. And some of them drove over 15 hours to get there. : ) Many thanks to them all!!!

Saints of Ruin had the people going wild with their music!!!

Just some really great pics of the Ball and the peeps that had some amazingly rockin' outfits on...There was no way that I could have picked a favorite~ The two things that look like red eyes glowing...is really red horns on this guys head..LOL Way cool!

People watching the band while I was taking pics of them..LOL
Tammy and Dav at the Ball. She saw him and had to have her photo taken with him. I thought he looked really cool as well!!!

Just some more amazing outfits at the Ball...Everyone was having a great time and the Bands were out-standing!!!

 Peace out..LOL I will be sharing a whole lot more photos when they are sent to me. I have pics of the owners of Savage Light Studios, and info about what they have going on right now. I have some fun photos of the 'Meet and Greet' on the boat...and then just some goofy ones of me getting ready to go have fun with everything that Sue and Cher had planned for us.

I am so grateful to once again be apart of something so wonderful as the events held in New Orleans by the ARVLFC...This year was over the top! I hope to be able to go back for years to come and always donate my work for the good that they do with the raffle funds.

Happy Hallow's Eve and Big Hugs~

Happy Halloween~