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2013 Christmas Giveaway Winners!!!

Hi all....I have been trying to post this since yesterday..LOL My server has had the hiccups due to bad weather, but I finally got online~

3rd Place goes to: Susan Pfeiffer... Who will get a signed copy of Uncertain Meanings~

2nd Place April Epley  Who will get a signed copy of Uncetain Meanings and $25.00

1st Place and Super Congratulations to: RRL Who gets the whole basket of goodies~

Thank you all for stopping by and joining in on the fun....Keep an eye out for my Pie Contest that will be coming up after the New Year!!!

In the event that I do not hear from one of the winners in a five day period...I will move up the winners and draw from the hat. ; ) My email:  Just send me your home addy and I will put everything in the mail in five days...that is if I hear from all my winners. If I hear from all I will send them out sooner!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year~

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Merry Christmas
Hi all...I am so ready to have some fun and give a basket full of goodies away. This will have A, B, C, D questions, no hopping just type them in. Simple, those who are closest to my answers will be put into the Christmas Hat and a drawing will take place. My answers will be on the page but hidden under a dark highlight. ; )
The questions, my answers and example:
A: What is your favorite horror movie?
B: What is your favorite kind of music?
C: What is your favorite dish at Christmas dinner?
D: What is Robin Renee Ray's most used slang bad word, that she doesn't use when online? ; p A single letter will be fine..LOL 
All you will need is the answers: Mine~
A: All of them..LOL
B: R & B, Hip Hop, Old Rock and Rock!
C: The dressing smoother in gravy~
D: 'F' word..LOL
After you answer be sure to add your email addy or check back on the 20th...late evening, and I will post the winner and that winner can send me their email after I give them mine???
There are 15 items in the basket and a $25.00 cash in cash in a card..LOL
Two of the items are yummy to your tummy! And very sweet~
Candle, leg warmers, tote bag, Santa's hat and a hard candy treat!

It all packs into the basket all nice and neat~
Signed book, cute pencils, nail polish, lip gloss, two ebooks, popcorn treats...and more, just join the fun and leave me a Beep Beep..LOL
You can answer here on my blog or any site that this blog goes out to...I will check them all. I hope you have a blast and those who really do leave me a Beep Beep will be entered twice and automatically be added into the hat!!!
Have fun...The contest will end late evening 12/20/2013

Guys... You can play also and give the basket to your special other!!! ; )

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What do we enjoy more on the holidays than just Gifts? Sexual Excitement!!!

After the little one's go to bed!
Being that it is the time of giving, I have filled a goodie basket with all sorts of things to not only bring in the wonderful holiday of Christmas...but to add some yummy to your evenings after you enjoy reading, On a Cold Winter's Night.
In the basket is:
3 Nail Polish
3 Lip Gloss
A Sexy Santa Hat
Black Sexy Leggings(One size fits all)
A Scented Candle
A Small Tote Bag
A Snowman Note pad and Pen
Four Holiday Pencils
A Santa Globe
2 Christmas Trees: One made of Popcorn the other from candy canes.
A Garland of 10 Christmas Tree Card Hangers
And a sipper bracelet with a cross hanging on it. 
Plus I cannot forget the North-Pole Mail Box..LOL
A signed copy of my contemporary romance: Uncertain Meanings
Look for the contest two weeks before Christmas...and there may be a few questions, like where was the second place that Nathan and Brendal made whoopee, in???: On a Cold Winter's Night. ; )

Catching a boyfriend cheating around the holidays isn’t always a bad thing, not when it lands you in the arms of a strong, handsome mountain man who has just saved your life. Not to mention, after many long winter’s nights of being trapped by a blizzard in a cabin… Nathan and Brendal’s conversations soon turn into the most erotic sexual experiences that she could have ever imagined, in her physical state.

The two new found lovers find themselves celebrating Christmas alone, due to the massive blizzard that had closed all roads of the mountain pass. Nathan’s medical background was the key to keeping Brendal’s broken leg on the mend… and to helping her maneuver into ways that allowed their lust to be sated. Which will be the first to go from heated lust to love?


“Nathan, you have to stop,” I swallowed so hard it hurt.

His hands came up around the back of my neck, and he turned my head, meeting my lips with his. “Do I have too?” His breath was like molten lava and I wanted to be in its flaming embrace. I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair, and pressed that burning desire into my lips. Nathan never broke away, as he stood and stepped in behind me, clothes and all. He reached under the water and pulled me around by my legs, resting them over the edge. I could feel his need beneath me and all I wanted was the material to magically vanish.

“I want you Nathan Parker,” I said planting my lips all over his face and neck as he found my tender breast under the wet tank top I wore.
My top was off and on the floor mere seconds after the words had left my mouth. My back was in a full arch as Nathan worked my left breast with his mouth, his tongue rolling and his teeth scrapping ever so delicately over my nipple, causing pure pleasure to escape in the sound of a soft moan. My hands scrambled to reach for the ripples on his stomach, and to bury my fingers in the dark black curls on his chest.

“We can’t do this in here,” he whispered going from one of my breasts to the other. “We’ll end up hurting you.”

I squeezed the washcloth out and cleaned the small cut on his forehead, relishing the feel of his hands on the crease of my hips. I purposely rolled my groin into his as I licked across his lips. He responded by raising his hips up to press into me. “Turn around and let me wash your hair so we can continue this by the fire.” When he lifted my legs and set them back in between his, he ran his hand under and back up my inner thigh, coming dangerously close to my most vulnerable of areas. My toes were curling in on themselves.

No one had ever washed my hair before, not like this. It was wonderful. Nathan got out first then he lifted me, sitting me back down on the edge of the bathtub while he pulled his shirt over his head and grabbed two towels. I was already half nude with boxers that were hanging off, so I just lifted myself with one hand and let them fall to my feet. I draped the towel over my front and watched as Nathan unzipped his pants. “Should I leave the room?”

“I wish you wouldn’t.”

“I don’t want to disrespect you, Brendal. Not in any way.”

“Then don’t leave me sitting here nude all by myself.” I knew he had seen my ‘little girl’ when the boxers fell to the floor, because I was watching his gaze.

My bottom lip was raw from chewing on it the many times I stared at him just doing small things like picking up my tea glass, but now I was tasting blood. Everything broke down in slow motion as his wet jeans went over his hips. The way his muscles moved was like a cobra being charmed by a man with a flute. I almost fainted when he slid the jeans down over his glory. It wasn’t the size, though he was well endowed, it was just the sheer shock of seeing what I had felt pressing on me in the tub, and my wanting him had my own glory heating to the point of over boiling.
Another amazing mini novella release, same day by my dear friend: Savannah Rayne!
Garland & Lights

Winter Calloway was planning a very special gift for her man for Christmas. She wanted to give him something he deserved…something he would never, ever forget. With the preparations made and the perfect details laid out, she puts into motion a memorable surprise that would, at least for her, end very merry and bright. Sometimes revenge really is the sweetest gift of all.


My other work which is dark fantasy if you enjoy one hell of a vampire ride....though you will not find the word Vampire in my series. ; )

Out Now:

Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness Book One

Bloodbreeders: The Revenge Book Two

Arrival of the Prophecy

Uncertain Meanings: On ebook and in print...

All cover art work done by:
My hangouts:
Twitter: @RobinReneeRay

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It's Re-Release is HERE!!! WOOHOO~

Bloodbreeders: The Revenge
Book Two
 Paranormal Vampire/Dark Fantasy

Not once in her life did farm girl Renee Crocker, imagine she would encounter a world found only in the minds of myth-seeking men. Although what they sought were not always unheard of in other parts of the world, those very things they found would all be a complete mystery to the town folk of Burkett, Texas.

Renee’s life changed late one evening during supper, when a handsome stranger came knocking on the door of the Crocker family farm house… and was invited inside. It didn’t take long for Renee to discover a great number of things that people in her neck of the woods couldn’t even begin to contemplate. The dark of night took on a whole new meaning and the once vulnerable, young country woman finds herself struggling to survive in a world that demand she live forever in darkness.
My cover artist:
My editor, sister and fellow author: Savannah Rayne

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hi my peeps.... Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness is not the only thing that is FREE this Halloween~
 Arrival of the Prophecy is also FREE on All Romance for the next three days as well~ As well as...
Uncertain Meanings...All three will be FREE for three days and Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness will be FREE for five!!! Just click on the covers or title to the books and it will take you right there....
Hope you enjoy...Big Hugs~
Happy Halloween~



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Absolutely HAD to Share!!!

Arrival of the Prophecy:
 Has made the Best Sellers list on the all around Best Sellers page on ARe and I could not be more proud. Many thanks to all who have pick my werewolf babes up~ I am truly grateful to each and every one of you!
For many centuries the shape-shifters of the world have lived in chaos, fighting clan against clan and breed killing breed. All Were-beings knew of the prophecy that spoke of the ones who would come and bring peace to those who lived among the humans in secrecy. And to those who lived under the thumb of an overbearing ruler. A Wolf King who gained his thrown after the death of his parents, killed by the hands of a crazed matriarch, she-ruler, of the foulest shape-shifting kind…, finds what Mother Earth places in all unnatural being’s soul mates. The other half of his soul and the one thing that can set the prophecy on its foretold path. Only, Sky Delaney is no shape shifter.

What will Anthony the clan leader do once he realizes the other half of his soul is in a frail, pure… Human? His beast has made its choice; the question is… will the human comply?
She was holding the second half-eaten steak in her hands, when her front door flew open, crashing into the bookshelf behind it. Sky jumped up grabbing the back of the chair, throwing it toward the kitchen door, which led into the living room. She spun around and grabbed a knife from the butcher block, when Anthony came sliding into the living room hollering out her name. Sky cleared her throat and watched as he turned in slow motion to look at her.

“What’s the matter, Sky? Why is your phone busy?”

“I...” she started then looked down at the knife, then quickly set it down on the counter. “I didn’t even know my phone was busy. I just wanted to talk.”

“So you told my butler that you were having an emergency?” he questioned as he sternly walked toward her.

“Why are you so upset?” she said, holding her hands out while she stepped to the right, keeping her body pressed to the kitchen counter.

“Do I really have to explain that?” he replied, staring at her. “What was so important?”

“What was I supposed to say? I want him to come screw my brains out before my body burns up, would that be more appropriate?” she spoke before thinking.

Anthony started to say something then froze with his mouth partially open.

Sky looked up at him then shook her head and tried to leave the room only to have him grab her by the arm. When she wouldn’t look up he put his other hand under her chin and lifted it, then ran his fingers back through her hair. She closed her eyes, leaning her head into the palm of his hand as it passed by her cheek. Sky reached up taking a hold of Anthony’s arm and walking closer until her body pressed up against his. She pulled her arm away from his grip, running her hands up under his coat, pushing it off at his shoulders, letting it drop to the kitchen floor. She then turned her attention to unbuttoning his black silk shirt.

“This feels nice,” she said, spreading his shirt and kissing his chest. “Must have been a fancy meeting.” Then she pulled it from his pants.

“Sky, are you sure this is what you want?” he asked, pushing her back by the shoulders.

“I’m burning up here! Ya think we can discuss this later?” she said, jumping up wrapping her legs around his waist, as she held on to his neck. “I know you want me, I can smell it. Isn’t that what you always say?”

That was all Anthony needed to hear. He spun her around sitting her up on the counter and lifted her tank top over her head, kissing her neck while rubbing every part of her flesh that his hands could find. She moaned leaning back with her eyes closed, not breaking her focus even when her head smacked the cabinet behind her. Anthony’s mouth had just found the most delicate part of her breast when he smiled, stood up and gently caressed the back of her head which was throbbing mildly. He lifted her off the counter and into the air, and then slowly lowered her to the floor. He took her hand and pulled her gently into the living room, only to find the very same officer standing in the open doorway that Anthony hadn’t bothered to shut. A highly embarrassed Sky dove back into the kitchen as Anthony set things in order.

“It’s safe, you can come out now,” Anthony said laughing.

“Do you think he saw my boobs?”

“If he didn’t, I’m sure he will soon enough,” he replied, stepping through the kitchen door and right up to Sky. “We do gather a lot, and some of us like to come as our true selves.”

“Promise me you’ll care for me forever, Anthony?” she whispered leaning her nude breasts into his rippled stomach.

“Your love will be my pleasure for all eternity.”

Sky ran her hands down his waist, lightly grabbing the top of his pants. She then sank her fingers deep behind the button on the band, coming ever so close to touching the flesh that was reaching its full potential. She grazed his flesh with the tips of her fingers, making him close his eyes and swallow, in effort to get past the tantalizing cool sensation of her hand. She started backing toward the living room with a commanding look in her eye, that plainly stated that his want was about to finally be sated. Once she reached the middle of the living room floor she went down to her knees, pulling Anthony down with her.

He never took his eyes away from Sky’s as he reached over and pushed the coffee table down to the end of the couch with one hand, while the other slid up under her left breast, lifting it so he could guide her hard nipple into his mouth.

Sky arched her back, swaying with the weight of his body pressing on hers, moaning at the immense pleasure he was providing. Anthony took his hand placing it in the middle of her back, and forcibly pulled her back up, immediately locking his mouth onto hers. Sky instinctively pushed against his chest with her hand, moving her head, trying to break his embrace. The longer they kissed, the softer his grip became. The hand that was pushing on his chest now found its way to the back of his neck, her kiss growing deeper.

Anthony broke from the kiss, looking at her with the corner of his mouth in a devilish grin and one brow raised. Sky’s heart began to race as a slight tremble started at the bend of her knees, and went to a depth which her virginity knew nothing about. Anthony’s look took on a sudden change when he started lowering her to the floor. He wrapped his arm around her lower back, so that she could straighten out her legs, and then laid her down, pressing his pelvic area up against hers while holding his upper body off of her.

“I want to please you, Sky,” he spoke as his eyes made their way over her ample breasts. “In ways you have never imagined.” Then he began sliding her boxers down over her hips.

“Anthony,” she whispered as his thumb grazed the top of her most delicate part.

“Shhh,” he insisted as his hand moved lower.

Sky’s legs tensed when he pushed her boxers further down as his lips traveled to the side of her waist, opening to a soft warm tongue that was waiting to lick across her stomach and molest her bellybutton. Sky arched her back while Anthony rolled back in-between her legs, moving his head from side to side, biting and nibbling on each hip, teasing her to the point of explosion. She started shaking her head, burying both hands into his thick black hair, unknowingly showing her innocence, driving him into an even stronger force to please her. Anthony rose up, grabbing both of her hands and pinned them out to the sides, then leaned in to work her breasts with one last oral ordeal, before working his way back downwards once more.

Also on ARe today: You can pick up Words of an Angel by Savannah Rayne for FREE FREE FREE!!!
Big Hugs to you all~

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OUT NOW! Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness; Book One...........

Just click on the book for the sales link and the excerpt is below the book~ Have a rockin' Friday the 13th. I will be watching the movies much later tonight. OH YEAH!!!! I know....I am supposed to be telling you to read this book that really will set you on the edge of a very warped ride. But, those movies rock for this day....this book can be read on the 14th or 25th or 1st....get my point..LOL


I turned my eyes as best I could. I didn’t want her to see the fear that was building. My mind kept seeing the footless man that hung decaying across from my cage, the way his legs were twisted so badly out of shape. I didn’t want to do as they said, but I also didn’t want to end up like that poor soul.

“You just lie there quietly and think about what I’ve said. I will return with the mistress, soon enough,” Annabel declared, then turned and left the room.

I tested my restraints as soon as she was gone, but there was no way I was getting out of it this time, nothing budged. When I pulled, I could barely move my fingers, much less anything else. I couldn’t stop my mind from fixating on what was going to happen and the fear grew larger with every thought. I could tell my face was damaged for what seemed like the hundredth time since this all began. Enrique must have hit me harder than ever. I could tell by the throbbing pain I felt across my face that he hadn’t held anything back. My thoughts were cut short by the entrance of Yvette, Annabel, and Enrique.

“I have just left Senor Huerta,” Yvette said slowly. “You almost killed the poor man.”

“I wish I would have killed that pig,” I retorted.

“Gag her before I rip out her tongue myself,” she ordered waving her hand at Enrique.

“With pleasure, My Lady,” Enrique replied smiling devilishly at me as he walked behind her back.

I could tell by the evil smile that crossed his face that he was ready to do whatever he could to cause me more discomfort. He picked up a thick piece of leather and some sort of cloth off of the small table to my left. He forcibly jammed the cloth into my mouth, and then bound it in place with the leather strap, tight enough that I thought it alone was going to crush my face.

“I would have put you to death, if I didn’t know you were worth so much,” Yvette continued with her little speech. “I have already received very large offers for you, but I can’t have you trying to kill our clients. I don’t think that would be very good for business, do you? We do so well because our slaves are very submissive, and always do as they are told. I can see you are much like your maker, and need more incentive than the others.” She looked to Annabel. “I think she needs to learn what happens when a slave tries to escape. When you’re done, I think a few months in the hole will change her disposition for the better.” She gave me one final stare, then turned and left.

Annabel walked to the end of the table on which I was restrained, and cocked her head to one side, gazing down at me as if in deep thought. Finally she said, “Enrique, bring me the block. I’m about to teach this one a lesson she won’t soon forget.” 

Enrique left the room as he was told, and soon returned with a large piece of wood. It reminded me of a railroad plank, only shorter. Annabel spread my legs and wedged the board between them, just above the ankles. She then looped a long piece of rope over each of my feet. She made a smaller loop in the middle of the rope, and inserted a stick about the size of a rolling pin through the smaller loop. From the angle at which I was lying, I couldn’t really tell what she was doing. I could only see the objects she was using briefly.

“Now tell me when this starts to hurt,” she said using a lull in her voice that was sickening. Then, she and Enrique started laughing.

“Go, prepare her new room,” Annabel added after the laughter died down. “I just know she’s going to love it.”

“In a minute,” he crossed his arms and leaned on the wall. “I want to see this little bitch squirm.”

“You will do as you are told!” Her head whipped toward him. “I have had enough insubordination for one night.”

“Fine, but she has some pain coming from me,” sighing heavily, he finally consented, “I’ll see to it one way or another.” Then he slammed the door on his way out.

Annabel looked up, turning as if she was going to go after him, but glanced back at me and thought better of it.

“I will deal with him later,” she said under her breath. She cleared her throat, and then asked no one in particular, “Now, where was I?” She took the small stick in her hand and began twisting it. As she did, I could feel my feet being pulled closer to one another. It wasn’t until then that I began getting the idea, and once again I started to struggle.
Big Hugs from me and all of us at:

 EJC Publishing...LLC Privately Owned and Operated By, RRR & JR


© Copyright 2013

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BLOODBREEDERS: Living in Darkness...Re-Release...TOMORROW!!!!

I am over the top proud to say that my babies are stepping back out into the world on my terms...and are at their best!!!! The Bloodbreeder series is being released like stepping stones until I have the first three books back where they belong with all issues addressed...with new covers and soon marked with my own company header, EJC Publishing. Book four in the series, Lies Beneath London has a release date set...October 31st 2013 and I will do my best to see that date stick!!!

Not once in her life did farm girl Renee Crocker, imagine she would encounter a world found only in the minds of myth-seeking men. Although what they sought were not always unheard of in other parts of the world, those very things they found would all be a complete mystery to the town folk of Burkett, Texas.

Renee’s life changed late one evening during supper, when a handsome stranger came knocking on the door of the Crocker family farm house… and was invited inside. It didn’t take long for Renee to discover a great number of things that people in her neck of the woods couldn’t even begin to contemplate. The dark of night took on a whole new meaning and the once vulnerable, young country woman finds herself struggling to survive in a world that demand she live forever in darkness.

I will be adding the book link, excerpt and info on the release of book two tomorrow~

Big Hugs from me and all of us at:

 EJC Publishing...LLC Privately Owned and Operated By, RRR & JR


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What HAS Been Going On???

Hello All....

It's been a while since I've made a post but there has been a lot going on!!!

I've had a dear friend whose family has been dealing with a great amount of medical problems and I am just not the type to be able to promo when my super close peeps are in hard times.  As of right now, all is in God's hands...Many prayers will continue to go their way! However, I have been getting some off line work done while I sit and wait on news.

 Bloodbreeders; Living in Darkness, book one is ready for release and I am setting a date asap.

Cover Art By: Rebel Angel Designs Thank you so very much, Ms. Sarah....I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

The new cover for book two in the Bloodbreeder's series is under way and book four will follow shortly after. I will be keeping book three due to it being created by Rebel Angel Designs which is the company I have contracted with to do all of my work....

EJC Publishing: My first and only company and future home for my work. It will first house 10 of my books...that's what I am working on getting out as soon as humanly possibly ... but also making sure they are the best that myself and my crew can make them!!! I will open with:

Uncertain Meanings ( Contemporary Romance)
Arrival of the Prophecy (Paranormal Werewolf Romance/Erotic/Suspense)
The Bloodbreeder's Series...First Four Books: (Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Vampire/Suspense-Romance)
Living In Darkness
The Revenge
Seeking Others
Lies Beneath London
The Piper Vale Series; Book one (Thriller)
Please Don't Hurt Me
An Author's Anthology Four short stories ( Paranormal/Erotica/Romance-Horror)
An Author's Anthology: Part Two ( Holiday Horrors)
Short Stories of Twisted Tales: Part one...10 short stories ( Horror )

Cover Art By: Kysha McBee
Photography By: Robin Renee Ray

Afterwards, I will still have 10 full length novels to get ready to release and add to the company before I can get back to creating..LOL Good grief!!! BUT...I am very happy to say that I am not alone. At first I thought I would be the only author housed at EJC due to it being a NO submission company. My partner, of course, is my editor and very dearest friend, Jeanette Ratajczyk and she too is an author....yep she goes by...Savannah Rayne, and she will also house her work on EJC Publishing's walls adding to it's numbers ...  and genre reading pleasure ... with three amazing reads as of right now and maybe by the time the company opens...four. ; )

I have also asked my copy editor, DeAnna Felthauser, if she would like to add her work and this is where it will end. It remains to be seen just how many books Ms. Felthauser will be adding and just what genres they will be...but get ready, because we three will have almost every genre out there between us. ; ) And I think I will call us the 'Three Blind Mice' LOL As we learn blindly as we go..LOL

Yes, I am heading it up and yes, it will be my company. I will hold the business licenses and be the one sending out to book stores/news papers/radio stations/promo sites and even more...but, we will all three handle our own affairs as far as sells and how they are paid, goes...We will also be handling our own books. No BOSSES, just partners...three women/authors who want to be independent using our own publishing company for marketing reasoning. Things may seem like it is taking a bit to get off the ground, but that's only because I am one person who is making damn sure every 'T' is crossed and 'I' is dotted...and all is legal, plus!!!!

We can only get out one book at a time and we are all working on getting a book out. I have many, and one right after the other so I won't be online a great deal. BUT...We are hoping to have things going nicely by the month of December, with a great deal of these books out and the company business link up and under construction.

Have a wonderful week all~

Big Hugs from me and all of us at:
 EJC Publishing~ Privately Owned and Operated By...RRR & JR Copyright 2013

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Uncertain Meanings is on MY Store Front on Coffee Time Romance...WOOHOO!!!

WOOHOO!!! I am so proud to say that I now have a store front with Coffee Time Romance, where I will be adding my contemporary, paranormal and erotic romance reads. I have waited for this for soooo very long and the amazing and wonderful women at CTR has now made this possible!

The first book in my store front with CTR is my heart breaking tale that later becomes a sweet love story and very non-sexual contemporary: Uncertain Meanings....It is one of those reads that is true to life and I mean that in more ways than one. Milly, one of my three main characters (Yes, I give ALL my key character's a voice) indeed, my mother. There is more things in this tale that is based on fact-happenings... than things that had just popped into my mind. Yet, I did mix a great deal of fiction to create a great story-line~ I will leave it to my readers to figure out what is what....but, I will say that it was my momma who was nine months with child(Me) when the attack happened, she fought and due to many circumstances...she won being left with scrapes and burses. But thankfully nothing more! 

Who will come to Crystal's aid? Will she be like the real life victim or will she have a Hero stop the madness???

I have to say, that I truly believe that all women deserve to have a Hero to come at that most pivotal moment...when despair is all that grips the soul and fear consumes every last emotional pore. At that second when one knows all hope is gone...even in the event if an unborn child has taken that time to come into this world, no matter the horrific event that is about to unfold. This, my good peeps is the darkest suspense I have spoken about that I wrote in this love story....

No matter how bad we want life to be flowers and butterflies, where nothing bad ever happens...that's just not reality. HOWEVERE....Hero's are real!!! They may not have a big 'S' on the front of their shirt...they may not be able to leap a tall building...and they may not be able to stop a locomotive with their hands....but, they can come into your life at that time when one has reached their lowest point. They can and do...Save the Day!!!! And most important of all....Hero's bring forth uncertain meanings and a world of happy-ever-after's for all they encounter or should I say...all who fall in love with that amazing hero~

Crystal Rivers had suffered many things throughout her life, but none was more shocking than the untimely death of her husband. Learning that her in-laws were not the loving people they claimed to be, she soon finds herself in the arms of her only living relative…her elderly, Aunt Milly.

Now with child, Crystal is determined to create a new world for her and her unborn baby on the majestic farm that she herself once enjoyed as a child. Falling in love was not part of that plan, but many things were about to come to pass that Crystal could have never imagined. Deceit and an attempt on her and her child’s life would test her will to survive, to the very core of Crystal’s sanity.


Thursday, August 1, 2013


FREE for the next FIVE days!!! August 1st through August 5th~

I ask all to please change this book out if you already have it on your e-readers...PLEASE!!!

I am now the publisher of my own work and all issues have been taken care of in that last release!  Things happen; formats revert, some can even be set on another countries setting and it will indeed mess up wording. Honour-to our Honor...really odd things, but my bad is so many ways.

Hoping my crew I did a good job and maybe some of you will change out...makes my whole year.  Other than the ones where other's do not care for my overly warped thinking in the too much violence in my work. ; ) But how cool would that be if even they did some research and upgraded that thought process, at least in thought and gave me a 'D'..LOL BUT...In life, if you put a wolf and a boar together...I can bet you my right leg that they will not sit and talk things over without any form of bloodshed. Nope, not when one insist on being the TOP pride~

Just click on book cover to go to FREE Link~
EXCERPT: Just one of my favorite parts~

“Yes, honey, this is a woman thing. You go enjoy yourself and don’t worry. She’ll be fine,” Bonny jabbered and moved up by Anthony, moving her hands up and down, not knowing what to do with herself.

“If you do not calm yourself, you will pass out just like she did,” Adella smiled, patting her on the back. “Come, you’ll be alright.”

“I haven’t had a baby, well, since I had a baby,” Bonny giggled, causing Adella to look back at Henry, who made the motion indicating that she had a little to drink.

“I think we have several months to worry about having a baby…don’t we?” Anthony asked, pausing on the staircase.

“Of course, don’t be foolish. Move yourself, boy,” Adella replied, swatting him on the butt.

“That is so funny,” Bonny snickered, tilting backwards.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Adella said, grabbing her around the waist and pushing her up against the banister.

“Did I just hiccup?” Bonny asked, laughing out loud. “That blue stuff was really good.”

“For the sake of Mother Earth, she drank your grandfather’s tonic.”

“She did what?” Anthony replied, so shocked he almost tripped and dropped Sky.

“Oh, this is not going to be good.”

Anthony lightly kicked Adella’s bedroom door open, and laid Sky—who was already asking what was going on, on the bed. He told her she had fainted, while Adella sat Bonny on the chair by the fireplace. Afterwards she grabbed a cold wash cloth out of the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom.

Sky sat up on the edge of the bed, turning three shades whiter, and then announced that she was going to be sick. Adella slid to a stop right at the foot of the bed, throwing the rag at Anthony and rushing back into the bathroom, grabbing the waste basket. She spun around and slung it in Anthony’s direction, with him catching it putting it under Sky’s head just in time to catch the contents of her stomach.

“I’m going to be ill,” Bonny burped, scooting to the edge of the chair, reaching for her mouth.

“What has cursed me this day?” Adella rolled her eyes and threw her head back.

She grabbed Bonny under the arm, dragged her to the toilet, where she held her head up so she could relieve herself of the blue tonic. The same tonic that Anthony’s grandfather had made for years and been drunker than a skunk off of every time he opened the jug.

Sky laid back and started crying for no apparent reason, while Bonny on the other hand was hugging the toilet singing a song that couldn’t be understood by anyone.

Adella left Bonny to entertain herself and went around to the other side of the bed, and lay down next to Sky. “I do not remember reading anything about this in the book of prophecies,” she said turning her head, looking into Sky’s tear filled eyes.

“I don’t feel so good,” Sky sniffled.

“It will pass, child. We all go through it. As for your mother in the other room, she will feel the effects of her day for hours to come.” Then she and Anthony both started laughing.

“I don’t get it,” Sky said, rolling over wiping her nose on her sleeve.

“Bonny drank a mixture that grandfather makes, claiming it helps his bones. It is so powerful, that no man can drink a full glass without becoming so drunk that he cannot stand straight,” Adella explained, smiling and closing her eyes.

“You should see her daughter drunk.”

“I believe I will pass. That reminds me. She and Parker should be returning anytime. Carter took them with a few of the enforcers to your father’s home to retrieve her, what she called, suitable clothing,” Adella said, putting her arm over her forehead.

“Tell me again…why didn’t we get rid of her?”

“Ladies,” Anthony snickered, moving the trash can back and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“She’s such a bitch,” Sky whispered, sitting up on her elbow. “Think that’s gonna change, because she’s a new pig?”

“Her mother will hear you,” he said putting his finger to his lips, smiling the whole time.

“She will not remember,” Adella interjected, as she sat up. “I better get Kayla to help me put this one in the tub, then directly in the bed.”

“Adella?” Sky reached up taking her hand.

“Yes, child?”

“Will there really be others trying to kill our baby?”

“In his future,” she paused. “I fear so.” She squeezed her hand, then left to find, Kayla.

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