Friday, March 23, 2012

My first script writing job..........

Hi all....

I thought it was time to share what I am doing!

Someone saw that I share others a great deal and thought they would share something with me. Due to my writing a story about Zombies I was given the name of a production company that was looking for writers. It seems that this little story of mine caught the eye of one of their friends and it got me in the door so to speak.

After writing them and sending them, not a script teaser, but a piece of the story, I was sent a little something to sign, then a few emails later was given the okay to write seasons one and two of a production in the making that will go along with the movie that is already being filmed. I am indeed writing those two parts from my story, only starting off before my book begins and working my way into the tale itself.

This is my first time to write a script and I have been doing my homework. I went so far as to research those who have been doing screenwriting for years. I was able to get intouch with one of the best...Paul Cooper...who in-turn sent me a mini course in screenwriting with other avenues to help me in my new adventure, and all because he was a very nice man and wished me well. : ) Very exciting to say the lease.

If I write these scripts well, and they are enjoyed by the production company, I will sign another contract and my work will go into film. No matter the out-come...other than the birth of my child and grandchildren, and becoming a published author...this is by far the most exciting thing I have ever done!!!

I will be studying all day and have been for the last few days....and either tonight or starting tomorrow, I will sit here and write season one 'Before it Happened' my very first script. No way could I have just jumped in not knowing as much as I is truly night and day different from writing a novel.

I will keep you all informed on how things are going. And will give you more info on the company and the story that brought this all to life as soon as I can ; ) I can tell you this...the story is under contract with Hellfire Publishing and I could not be more proud of that fact~~~

Have a great day...Big Hugs~<3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New release coming soon....

So proud of this little story! It all came about while having fun on a Facebook party held by Hellfire Publishing's boss Dawn Binkley and her dear friend Savannah Rayne...who are both very good friends of mine. We chatted and laughed about many things that day and it brought this creation to my mind. The mind of the one who is known as the warped one..LOL I might add that there were many at that party and all putting their input in. ; )

Dara England, cover artist, did an amazing job!

We don't have a release date at this time....But you know I will share as soon as we have one!!!

Have a great day....Big Hugs~

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please Welcome Guest Author A. L. McBee

A. L. McBee is Hellfire Publishing's youngest author, who turned 6 years old at the end of 2011. Her first co-authored book is being released in April. She is also going to be having her very first ever interview on the Herald very soon. Today we are sharing a little about her world and the world of her Toodlegnomes.

Ms. McBee was two and a half when she first discovered her Toodlegnomes along with the dreaded Bumble Bee Dragons, who have learned of the magic Crystals that keep the Village of the Toodlegnome's alive. And the one they want the most is the one that keeps all natural color in the world of the tiny beings. The Multi-colored Crystal, controls every flower, vegetable and vine that grows in and around the Village.  This is where the adventure begins.

She saw a Dragon-fly when we were on vacation at the lake and right away called it a Bumble Bee Dragon...and it stuck. Her pup was named Toodles and well, one day Toodlegnome came out her mouth and we had our Village dwellers. The next summer we had plastic swords and was up after everyone else went to bed, out running up and down the sidewalk by our Cabana, fighting the horrid Bumble Bee Dragons, trying to take back the stolen Crystals..LOL Yep, we really did this and we did it every summer until she was four and a half...talking and continuing our adventure throughout the year, waiting until we would have our next vacation, back at the lake in Texas.

Soon she was finding all sorts of bugs and giving them new the Bell Beetles and Purple Murples...and believe me there are many more.

This is not a picture book, it's a long children's tale that is about 60 pages long, and will be a running series for as long as the grands enjoy writing about their Toodlegnomes and I say their, because the youngest is now old enough to really enjoy the adventure that her older sister and I have been on for the last four years. ; )

And here are a few words from the Author herself...
Ms. A. L. McBee:

hello everybody its very nice to be on my grandmas blog.  thanks for reading about my book. happy st patricks day.


Please feel free to ask her an interview question and if her parents pick it, you will win her book when it is released, and have your name in the interview on the Herald.  We will be sure to let you all know the day of her very first interview...We are all very excited!!!!

And please feel free to leave her a comment right now because she will be popping in and out throughout the day to see what you all have to say and to answer and chat with you. ; )

Great Big Hugs to you all~

A cute thing that A. L. McBee did yesterday. She set down and started writing by hand another book, then stopped for a bit and began drawing on another page. Her mommy came in and asked what she was doing. "I'm writing another story, only this time im not just the author, I'm also the illustrater." LOL I think she will grow up to be one of the world's greats if she keeps this up. ; )