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Day after monotonous day, Jen went about her daily routine as a blue collar robot until one day she was bitten by a She-demon risen from the darkest depths of Hell. Dazzled by her new found evening activities, she comes to find that there is always a catch…she must take the life of innocents as well as the scumbags of the earth, then and only then, would she become the Right-Hand Demon to her new Queen. But will the strands of her humanity keep her caught between the two worlds forever? Or will she become one of the earth’s most powerful, feared beings…after hours?

Not once in her life did farm girl Renee Crocker, imagine she would encounter a world found only in the minds of myth-seeking men. Although what they sought were not always unheard of in other parts of the world, those very things they found would all be a complete mystery to the town folk of Burkett, Texas.

Renee’s life changed late one evening during supper, when a handsome stranger came knocking on the door of the Crocker family farm house… and was invited inside. It didn’t take long for Renee to discover a great number of things that people in her neck of the woods couldn’t even begin to contemplate. The dark of night took on a whole new meaning and the once vulnerable, young country woman finds herself struggling to survive in a world that demand she live forever in darkness.

Renee thought she had gone through the worse nightmare thought possible, but little did she know that more danger lurked in every shadow. Her intentions were to go back to Cuba and fulfill a promise made to ‘the two’ that helped her escape an unbelievable hell.

What she discovers on her return, changes her destiny and places her on a path that could only be imagined by the morbidly insane. Many questions remain… will she be able to fulfill the needs that have taken hold of what little heart she has left? Can the faith of a country girl turned breeder, with the help of those who would follow her into hell itself… be enough? Or will they find themselves in a situation that no one could get them out of?

Many things had come to pass long before their journey began, and they knew the time had come to seek for others. The wicked ways of the Bloodbreeders had to be stopped even if it meant they would breathe their last breath in the efforts to make that happen. For centuries many had endured unspeakable acts and heinous torture at the hands of those they were forced to call “Master”. Renee was not one who could sit by and watch it continue. Not if she could do something to bring this madness down.

Abducted not long after she was brought into this world of darkness, she fortunately fared better than most and did not witness years of abuse as the others had, and used that to her advantage. Now Renee had gathered a small group who would follow her into hell itself to see the Bloodbreeder world change and change for the good of all. Even if it meant they had to travel the world killing the wicked to set the innocent free…no matter who may die along the way.

The time had finally come for Renee to face the one thing that she had searched for, even more, than those who met their demise at the end of her blade. What else will she find in the dark, dank, tunnels under the city of London, England? What lies beneath its depths other than the sinister occurrences of its long past?

Dealing with seeing her maker for the first time, Renee soon finds out that the evils of London are not the only thing causing her to question; not only the order of power in the city and their deeds… but, the ways of her beloved, Martin.

Most in the small bloodbreeder group know they have to use more mental strategy than their weapons if they are to gain control of the entire surrounding area, but others disagree. If any harms an innocent, let the punishment fit the crime. How many will pay with their dark lives for the unthinkable acts done in the secrecy of night?

The world had changed for all... not just the creatures of the night, when the star's fell from the Heavens and destroyed the city where it had all began. He had searched its streets for ‘her’ bloodline…returning time and time again for many generations before looking into the eyes of the child that he would call son and all would come to know as, Martin (Marteen). 

This is the tale of how the ancient ones... The Elders... claim that the bloodbreeder’s world came to be…..

From birth, life had never been good for Bren Woodard. Fate dealt her a shitty opening hand with an abusive, alcoholic father, and a mother who chose to turn a drunken eye, right down to a society that didn’t even care if she existed.

By the time she had become a young woman, Bren had taken as her own, one of the many names from the multitude of taunted nick-names from those who teased her. The young woman, now known as Bren (Woody) Woodard, escaped from her past hell and took a path into the world of the unknown. She made her remaining parent pay; knowing that the very same society that wouldn’t look past the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ where her parent’s death was concerned, made it easy.

Now she was prepared for any who came her way looking for trouble. She would make them pay by way of the weapons she loved, ones she’d created with her own hands. To her, death would be a release and the end of her worries. So the death of another would merely be secondary!
For many centuries the shape-shifters of the world have lived in chaos, fighting clan against clan and breed killing breed. All Were-beings knew of the prophecy that spoke of the ones who would come and bring peace to those who lived among the humans in secrecy. And to those who lived under the thumb of an overbearing ruler.
A Wolf King who gained his thrown after the death of his parents, killed by the hands of a crazed matriarch, she-ruler, of the foulest shape-shifting kind…, finds what Mother Earth places in all unnatural being’s soul mates. The other half of his soul and the one thing that can set the prophecy on its foretold path. Only, Sky Delaney is no shape shifter. What will Anthony the clan leader do once he realizes the other half of his soul is in a frail, pure…Human? His beast has made its choice; the question is…will the human comply?

Life had never been kind to Alex and it only became worse after the death of his mother. So, at the very young age of 18, he gathered what little he had and took off with no more than a backpack into a world that he knew had little to no care as to where he had disappeared.

Alex would find more in the eerie town of Neewollah, which seemed to appear out of nowhere, then he could have ever contemplated on the dark, desert plains that he roamed. And nothing could have prepared him for the night of the great harvest. He must have missed the ‘Enter at Your Own Risk’ sign, as he marveled at the sight of what looked to be a promising free stay for a weary traveler. The last thing that he had expected was a young female occupant that would steal his already stone heart.

All vampires wake with the hunger for blood, but not all wake with the craving for sex. Nikki wakes with the hunger for both. She also craves the hunt, but has to be very careful which puts her favorite thing to do on the back burner making Nikki a cranky she-vamp.

Hunting can place her and her half human, male protector in jeopardy of being found by those they wish to avoid and have for many decades. One of which who is thought to be long dead…but even that is something they have become too complacent with.

Crystal Rivers had suffered many things throughout her life, but none was more shocking than the untimely death of her husband. Learning that her in-laws were not the loving people they claimed to be, she soon finds herself in the arms of her only living relative…her elderly, Aunt Milly.

Now with child, Crystal is determined to create a new world for her and her unborn baby on the majestic farm that she herself once enjoyed as a child. Falling in love was not part of that plan, but many things were about to come to pass that Crystal could have never imagined. Deceit and an attempt on her and her child’s life would test her will to survive, to the very core of Crystal’s sanity.

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And you thought your prom was a nightmare!

Kimberly dreams of terrible monsters she
believes are real. Her parents know why and take steps to stop them.
Still, blood is shed...lots of it.

Coming soon:
 PIPER VALE: Please Don't Hurt Me
Short Stories of Twisted Tales
Bloodbreeders: The Book of Martin (The 1st swing book)