Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Merry Christmas
Hi all...I am so ready to have some fun and give a basket full of goodies away. This will have A, B, C, D questions, no hopping just type them in. Simple, those who are closest to my answers will be put into the Christmas Hat and a drawing will take place. My answers will be on the page but hidden under a dark highlight. ; )
The questions, my answers and example:
A: What is your favorite horror movie?
B: What is your favorite kind of music?
C: What is your favorite dish at Christmas dinner?
D: What is Robin Renee Ray's most used slang bad word, that she doesn't use when online? ; p A single letter will be fine..LOL 
All you will need is the answers: Mine~
A: All of them..LOL
B: R & B, Hip Hop, Old Rock and Rock!
C: The dressing smoother in gravy~
D: 'F' word..LOL
After you answer be sure to add your email addy or check back on the 20th...late evening, and I will post the winner and that winner can send me their email after I give them mine???
There are 15 items in the basket and a $25.00 cash card...as in cash in a card..LOL
Two of the items are yummy to your tummy! And very sweet~
Candle, leg warmers, tote bag, Santa's hat and a hard candy treat!

It all packs into the basket all nice and neat~
Signed book, cute pencils, nail polish, lip gloss, two ebooks, popcorn treats...and more, just join the fun and leave me a Beep Beep..LOL
You can answer here on my blog or any site that this blog goes out to...I will check them all. I hope you have a blast and those who really do leave me a Beep Beep will be entered twice and automatically be added into the hat!!!
Have fun...The contest will end late evening 12/20/2013

Guys... You can play also and give the basket to your special other!!! ; )