Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I Dig It

Howdy to all that read this silly blog.....yeah, I know I am pretty much talking to myself in here..LOL BUT, at least it is one place I can talk to myself and not get called a fruit cake, right! ; p

I can do anything on MY blog that I want...I can cuss, I can complain, I can sob because my sites are acting up again and I really wanted to comment on my peep's post..LOL Hell, I can even post 'funny, sexy, nasty, cartoon' photos. I can jabber on about my books or what I'm working on right now. I can tell all about my day and the funny HaHa's that went on in it....I guess I could fill page after page after page with crap that I've already lived, been through, or already know I'm gonna be doing. Really...I have pages to leave that sort of thing posted on. Surely I can come up with something more interesting to post on my blog if it will be me, that I am keeping entertained..LOL

I really dig the trailers that Jen Ratajczyk..aka..Savannah Rayne created for my Bloodbreeder books, one and two. And that's why I'm making this my first 'why I dig it' post. ; )

Have a great day and Big Hugs to all who stop by...I am so going to start having fun on this here blog and just do whatever the hell hits me, whenever it hits me. I want to enjoy everything I see when I come back in here to add a little more...just in case I do end up being the only one hanging...I want to kick back and enjoy the scroll..LOL

                                       Happy Holidays Darling~