Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bloodbreeders Living in Darkness....FREE...for 5 days!!!!

What better way to say Happy Easter than for me to give away my favorite book...Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness is the first book in the series and you can now get it for FREE from Amazon.

I like to think of my characters as the new kids on the block in the Vampire world. They don't fly nor turn to mist. They do fry in the sun and they need blood to survive....Bloodbreeders are like Vampires...but not Vampires. You'll get it after you get deeper into the series and I hope you will give more of the series a try after you read book one.

The first five books in my series is the first few years in the walk of darkness of the main female character. And the first 5 books are just one long running novel split up into five.

I do hope you enjoy....Please grab it while you can!!!

Dark Fantasy/Horror...A times graphic I might add. ; ) With a mixture of so much more~passion, love and determination!

Hey what ya waitin' on....It's only FREE for 5 days!!! See ya later Doc...and Happy Easter from all we Bunnies~

Have a great day with Big Hugs~<3

(Three lucky commenters will win book two in the Bloodbreeders series....just let me know you picked up book one and you are in the drawing!!!)