Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BLOODBREEDERS: Who we gonna talk about? Jacob~ Yeah... Let's talk about~Jacob!

Okay, I am just a week or two away from going out of town to write book five in my Bloodbreeder series. So I thought I would go ahead and start chatting about some of the characters that those of you who have been following my little crew have already met. And give those who may be thinking about becoming a bloodbreeder family member a little knowledge of what they are getting themselves into. ; )

I think I had said that we would talk about Jacob, yeah, it was Jacob.

Here's a little sneak from book two The Revenge that gives a look at what Jacob will do for his new boss, and I'll say boss because I knew just like all of Renee's peeps...she doesn't like the new names that her new little followers have given her, not one bit.

Excerpt with Jacob:

Once again we put on a show for our captive. Jacob stood in front of the table keeping full eye contact with him, never saying a word. It was Garvin who spoke first. “I shall end this now.”

            “No,” Jacob finally spoke. “I will take great joy, if the master does not disagree.” Then he looked back at me.

            “I think this slave of our enemy needs a little touch of your skill,” I replied, smiling back at the wide eyed man. “You have my blessing.”

Jacob grinned slightly, raising only one corner of his mouth, but it was beautiful. Then his features turned to stone like someone hit an invisible switch. He started turning slowly, while pulling his shirt ever so carefully over his head, making sure that the man could see every slash mark across his back. Once he faced the man again, he walked around the table, taking his time gliding as if on air. He never took his gaze from the man, who was now beginning to tremble. Jacob’s coal black hair fell forward, slowly sliding off of his shoulders as his face transformed into a sinister grin.

“I have waited over four hundred years to take my suffering out on filth such as you. Any who would stand and let another take such agonizing torture, when but simple words could stop it, needs to feel what it is that I am thinking.” He then reached over and took the saw from Garvin, raising it in the air in extremely and agonizing slow motion. He then swung it toward the ground very close to the man face, causing him to scream repeatedly.  His body began wiping about madly, in what little room he had to move in the tightly bound restraints.

You could hear the flesh and bone tear and crunch under the weight of Jacob’s strength, even over Derek’s attempt at being a morbidly abused victim. The man screamed for mercy for the corpse that he thought was bound and being sawed into pieces. Derek was beginning to get the giggles, and we all were realizing the mistake of letting him be the victim, when he started saying, “Oh God, not my legs, what am I gonna walk on.” Garvin immediately ordered that the soon to be dead man, be gagged…again, setting the rest of us at ease. That is until Derek started humming his agony, which all but had me bending over. “Umm...Nooo.” was what it sounded like, as if he was getting pleasure not pain. Sydney yanked him up and took him out. One more brake and an arm thrown across the room, and we had finally made headway.
Jacob and his twin sister were taken from their mother's womb while the bloodbreeder took her last drop of blood. They never knew the human world but were raised as human children until a rightful age to be turned into the true member of the family that they knew only to walk in the darkness. Jacob had been trained to fight from the time he was old enough to walk and was brought over by his father then master, Chin. He was a more kind master than most but still was a ruler who held little mercy for the young man he called, son.
For over four hundred years Jacob not only trained, he taught breeders who were worthy to guard his master and what his master owned. His closest friend and mentor will come in, in book three a massive beast of a man named, Cates that is much older than Jacob....Jacob could have left and done what he had been trained to do when his master fell at the hand of Renee. But thinking what had been beat into his mind from birth, lay in the proof of black gore on the floor. His master could indeed die, the one thing he thought was impossible.  Any that could do what he had witnessed, he knew was a greater master than he had yet seen.
He and his sister are given the those who are following the series...we know they go into battle with Renee and her little ones. Jacob's skill in an art of fighting, that none from the lost world of the light had ever seen, was the first thing he began teaching them.
I can tell you this, Jacob and Renee have their head butting moments, because they are both stubborn as two bloodbreeders can get. Jacob looks like a teen but has the wisdom of a four hundred year old man....and that is hell for Renee to grasp.  Renee is a 26 year old woman but a brand new baby in the world of the bloodbreeders and she knows little to nothing about what she is. And why, is another story all together. Say, when we talk about her maker, Martin (Marteen)?
For all who care and those who follow my blog. While I am away I will have my blog set up to post every other day and I will let y'all know the day I head out.....I will be have a contest on those days and it will all be about the Bloodbreeder series. The giveaway will be print books of one and two and e-books of all three. So, snag them e-books and get to reading if you want those print.....because the big winner will also be the first to get a print of BB3 when it is released in print. The questions about the book and characters will be easy, but they won't be found in a blurb or excerpt. ; )
If you don't know the answers because you haven't read the books, then just leave me a comment on the day of the contest, follow my blog and get in the drawing to win all 3 books and I have several different forms of downloads. So, you really don't need a kindle I think a PDF you might can just read on your computer. Plus, will be adding my new bookmarks and cards that were made by Rebel Angel Designs...they don't just do covers. ; )
Big Hugs to you all~