Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Catching Up~

Hi all...This has already been one hell of a long week..LOL

I came up to Alamogoro to help my hubby move some rooms around so that my mother in law could have a more comfortable room to do her bills in. She has wanted the office movied to one of the back bedrooms since pop passed away, so that was our chore today. The furniture is so heavy that my back will be bitching me out for at least a week..LOL BUT...Momma finally has her new room all set up the way she wants it and can relax and be happy. Poor hubby has a hard time getting all the things done in this big....can't say old...just really big home. It's right at 4000 square feet, all spread out with enormous rooms from the game room to the master bedroom. So very glad to have been able to help and give momma a room that is more lady like and not a man's office...and a place she can sit in peace and do a little paper work.

There will be more to do tomorrow...we now have to make room in the garage for the huge desk that we removed from the house today. It was pop's desk and he loved it so we are going to keep it. I think we are all hoping that one of hubby's brothers will need and want it so we don't have to move all of the many things around to find a home for it..LOL Momma found her an antique desk and it just fits much better to her liking, in her newly decorated room.

After we did all of that, which was after I cooked a good breakfast...I then hopped in the kitchen and made her a full meal deal supper that she ate with a smile. Anything that we can fix that she will enjoy, I would gladly fix until my finger bled and my back actually broke. The chemo treatments are wearing her down and we would all do anything to make sure she has a healthy home cooked meal as often as she wants it....and whatever she wants! i wish I could tell all of you that she is doing great and the treatments are doing their job...but I'm afraid her body is just to weak to handle those harsh treatments and it shows. She has lost down to 111 and has been having horrid headaches, along with TIA's that are coming to often and has us all a bit worried.

I will be heading home on Wednesday to take care of things around there...and do whatever my mom needs me to do so they can take a little trip to Texas. I truly do not see myself being in one place very long, but I do crave planting my feet and saying I am home to stay..LOL I will keep making this four hour trip, one way, for as long as I am needed. My work and all else will be here when I get to that place where all is at peace for a time.

Hubby was grateful to have my help and I could see it in his face. He is so tired he has lost almost 25 pounds, but it's not hurting anything, being he needed to lose a few pounds anyway. ; ) However, I can't help but to worry about him and all he has been through. Lost his dad to cancer 6 months ago and now has to deal with the thought of possibly losing his mother to the same horrid thing. My heart goes out to him and his brothers...they have been through it and have a long way to go!!! I will be here doing all that I am able for as long as they need me....then I better get a few steaks on the grill and at least one or two back rubs..LOL From hubby that is..LMAO Better set that straight. ; p

Well, that's about it...other than i have a load to write, edit and create...I do plan on taking the time to do nothing but write when my folks head out of town when I get back home. I am so over-loaded right now and will be happy to get caught back up. I have two new novels to start and at least two of the seven I have in the making to complete. My editor is busting it and will be sending me one book after the other to get done and sent back to her. Gonna be a very long few months...then I am going to take a vacation and go to Texas myself where I go to write in my Bloodbreeders series, and I am going to write book 5. Sounds like pure joy to me..LOL

Have a great week all...Big Hugs~