Friday, November 30, 2012

Why I Dig It 3

Sex...How we write about it in our novels!

Some like to get very graphic while some like myself like to keep it a bit mild. However, I do get a little on the hot and heavy side, without the whole 'let's get into the porn' side of things.

There can be mad passion, without the many visuals having to explain all that goes on between the lovers. How big it is, how hot it is or how wet things have become..LOL And yet, if written well, all will get the whole mental view.

Things can be so hot the lovers never make it to the bedroom...nope they are nude before they even make it up the stairs and locked in a rush of heated romance right there and then...but does one really need to describe what hangs and coming at what waits? To this writer, I don't think one has to, to get the point pun..LOL

I personally love to read a great book about romance, be it a paranormal novel or contemporary as long as the sex scenes are not written like some sloppy, graphic porn movie put into word. Passion in bed can be a beautiful thing to read about if well written. No, I am not saying that I write it well, because I have a lot to learn about writing the sexual side of a romantic scene, but I have read some amazing work where the author did not go into graphic details, describing the bits and parts and what they were is using words that are found in porn. 'He shoved his **** deep inside her *****' like really....I think most would get that idea. each his own! There will always be readers who do not like to read porn, and there will always be readers who love it. I for one will always be one of the writers who will keep her work as clean as she can, with still giving her readers some hot steamy sex. True, I will not talk about the ins and outs of the private parts, but I may mention how endowed a character may be, and how his mates warmth is waiting that manhood...but that is about as graphic as this writer can force herself to get. ; )


Sex is a very natural thing and something that has always been a part of human nature...and it always will be. I think it rocks that we can have our own blogs to talk about whatever we want on this and any other subject and that is why I dig this post!

Happy Holidays Puppet...We Love You~

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 2

Just because they crack me up!!!

My eye...My eye!!!

Why one should never drinkk with friends..LOL


This has to be one of my all time favorites....Look at the chick in the back-ground. Now back to the one who is trying to be all cute..LOL Just blows the whole shot! ; p

Just too damn funny!!! I do love my pumpkin butts..LOL

This was just too great not to share. : )
You can see why I dig this post today...If you have any form of a giggle bone you'll dig it too..LOL I will share more of my dig-it pics later in the month and look for my favorite Christmas photos~
Happy Holidays Puppy~

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I Dig It

Howdy to all that read this silly blog.....yeah, I know I am pretty much talking to myself in here..LOL BUT, at least it is one place I can talk to myself and not get called a fruit cake, right! ; p

I can do anything on MY blog that I want...I can cuss, I can complain, I can sob because my sites are acting up again and I really wanted to comment on my peep's post..LOL Hell, I can even post 'funny, sexy, nasty, cartoon' photos. I can jabber on about my books or what I'm working on right now. I can tell all about my day and the funny HaHa's that went on in it....I guess I could fill page after page after page with crap that I've already lived, been through, or already know I'm gonna be doing. Really...I have pages to leave that sort of thing posted on. Surely I can come up with something more interesting to post on my blog if it will be me, that I am keeping entertained..LOL

I really dig the trailers that Jen Ratajczyk..aka..Savannah Rayne created for my Bloodbreeder books, one and two. And that's why I'm making this my first 'why I dig it' post. ; )

Have a great day and Big Hugs to all who stop by...I am so going to start having fun on this here blog and just do whatever the hell hits me, whenever it hits me. I want to enjoy everything I see when I come back in here to add a little more...just in case I do end up being the only one hanging...I want to kick back and enjoy the scroll..LOL

                                       Happy Holidays Darling~

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hope you all had a Wonderful Holiday~

Hello all...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now getting ready to have an even better Christmas!

I drove up and over the mountain to spend the holiday with my hubby and his family and it was truly wonderful. He has been living with his mother since his father past away, five months ago from lung cancer, and we now know that his mother has cancer and will be starting her treatment this coming week. I cannot help but to have a broken heart for my hubby, because his is breaking for the love of his mother who is now going through the same torment that his father just suffered and bravely lost the battle to.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that she has a wonderful Christmas, with every hope and prayer that the treatments do not effect her until the Holiday is over. They have told her without the treatment, a year will be her best hope, but with them she will have a 50/50 chance of living much longer. My worse fear is my mother in law becoming ill with the harsh treament of trying to contain the concern is keeping her comfortable and happy.

May we all have a comfortable and happy holiday this year and many years to come!!!

Big Hugs with much Love to you all~