Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What the Heck up World????

Hi all....I have been down and out and just yucky! BUT I'M BACK...LOL

Gonna just spit it out for all who see my blog. I know it goes out to thousands to see on my Google+ but kind of glad I have it messed up on Goodreads..LOL They can't see crap over there because I am so good at not being able to understand computer blah blah....change my blog addy...okay...didn't work??? What did I do wrong??? How the hell do I know, it says my addy is different, but has never updated since I was turned over for being an abuser and made into spam...which was something my peeps ate when we were growing up..LOL NO, I am not really an abuser I just gained a hater back when~ ; )

Anyway...I have medical probs that keep me down from time to time and I am telling the world...who I call my peeps, after all these long 6 years that I have been a writer. Long time, I know. *Snicker*  But, I keep having to be gone and not wanting to tell why and it's not right. I have a thing in my brain called a Chiari 1 Malformation and I have a little brain tumor somewhere on the right side...I really don't pay much mind. Ha! No Pun intended. LMAO My whole body has been jacked through the years with my brain shoving down into my spinal thing and I have been under like 18 times and cut on at least 14 of those 18 times. It was all to keep this old body together. I have had surgery on my leg from my shoulder to my spine, a few times... to my insides ... more than a few times. So, it all knocks me on my ass from time to time and I end up wanting to do nothing but lay here and watch TV. I am, without a doubt, a movie freak!!! LOL

I don't need any more surgeries...what's in my head can't be fixed, but I still have to deal with the crap that it causes. This warm weather makes a world of difference and removes the pressure somewhat in the brain??? Don't know how it works, just so glad it does...and I am going to try and get some work done...Blogging done....Promo for others done...and spending more time online making new peeps.

The first thing I have to do is finish correcting my momma's book Uncertain Meanings....the only contemporary that I will more than likely ever write..LOL I am a horror/dark fantasy kind of hippie grandma. ; )

The second is help a friend out and edit her work and read one of the best series that I have ever read.....Will share that new release and cover with her interview that will be right here....keep a watchful eye. There will be lots of goodies in her little bag of giveaways. : )

And third...just hit my work hard and don't stop until this shit in my brain shuts me down again. ; ) It will always come back and it will never go away. So, I have learned to call it all my friend, my little men that at times grab their hammers and do too much work inside my head....or at times I say my brain has taken a walk and slid from my ear and if seen, please send it back home..LOL On those days, if I should disappear...now you will all know why. Give me a few days and those little men will put those hammers away and or my brain will come back to some form of normality and I will be back!!!

Well, that its! I know, that's enough huh..LOL

Big Hugs~ Have a rockin' week and do not let anything hold you back!!!



                     Hugs and Nightmares Savannah Rayne