Monday, August 13, 2012

Ever Feel Like You Are Lost in the Crowd?

Hi all.....

Things have been so crazy that I haven't had, or wanted to give my laptop the time of day for almost two months...but now that all is calming down, it is time to get back on track. I have loads of work to do, stories to create that are banging around in my brain, blogs to make look more up to date, friends to re-connect with...and more promo work than I care to think about. NOW I am finally understanding what all of you pros have to deal with!

I lost my Hero, the greatest man I had and will ever meet on July 19, Lt. Col. Darel M. Ray. But I can hear him telling me to get my butt in gear and hit it hard!

I had planned on doing the Summer Bash Giveaway, but it looks like it will be a Fall Bash Giveaway..LOL One can never help the happenings of life, and it truly hit us hard. I haven't done any promo on any of my books and it shows in the rankings. With an angel like Dad, I think things will be turning aroung...if anyone had faith in this old drop-out making it out in this big ole world...this man sure did. ; ) And the one thing that I do not want to do is let him down!!!

I hope you all have the best day ever! Now that things have kind of sort of calmed, you should be seeing me a whole lot more. I will be (doing my best) to make this blog more inviting! But most know my love of writing revolves around it may go back to looking a bit spooky...LOL

Well, have the best whatever and I will be back tomorrow...May God Bless you all in the ways you need it the most!!!

Big Hugs and Many Thanks to those who have taken the time to stop by a see my cob-web site. ; ) It will get better soon....I hope! Then maybe I will feel like one of the gang again??? Then again I do very much enjoy being a reclusive person..LOL