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Uncertain Meanings is on MY Store Front on Coffee Time Romance...WOOHOO!!!

WOOHOO!!! I am so proud to say that I now have a store front with Coffee Time Romance, where I will be adding my contemporary, paranormal and erotic romance reads. I have waited for this for soooo very long and the amazing and wonderful women at CTR has now made this possible!

The first book in my store front with CTR is my heart breaking tale that later becomes a sweet love story and very non-sexual contemporary: Uncertain Meanings....It is one of those reads that is true to life and I mean that in more ways than one. Milly, one of my three main characters (Yes, I give ALL my key character's a voice) indeed, my mother. There is more things in this tale that is based on fact-happenings... than things that had just popped into my mind. Yet, I did mix a great deal of fiction to create a great story-line~ I will leave it to my readers to figure out what is what....but, I will say that it was my momma who was nine months with child(Me) when the attack happened, she fought and due to many circumstances...she won being left with scrapes and burses. But thankfully nothing more! 

Who will come to Crystal's aid? Will she be like the real life victim or will she have a Hero stop the madness???

I have to say, that I truly believe that all women deserve to have a Hero to come at that most pivotal moment...when despair is all that grips the soul and fear consumes every last emotional pore. At that second when one knows all hope is gone...even in the event if an unborn child has taken that time to come into this world, no matter the horrific event that is about to unfold. This, my good peeps is the darkest suspense I have spoken about that I wrote in this love story....

No matter how bad we want life to be flowers and butterflies, where nothing bad ever happens...that's just not reality. HOWEVERE....Hero's are real!!! They may not have a big 'S' on the front of their shirt...they may not be able to leap a tall building...and they may not be able to stop a locomotive with their hands....but, they can come into your life at that time when one has reached their lowest point. They can and do...Save the Day!!!! And most important of all....Hero's bring forth uncertain meanings and a world of happy-ever-after's for all they encounter or should I say...all who fall in love with that amazing hero~

Crystal Rivers had suffered many things throughout her life, but none was more shocking than the untimely death of her husband. Learning that her in-laws were not the loving people they claimed to be, she soon finds herself in the arms of her only living relative…her elderly, Aunt Milly.

Now with child, Crystal is determined to create a new world for her and her unborn baby on the majestic farm that she herself once enjoyed as a child. Falling in love was not part of that plan, but many things were about to come to pass that Crystal could have never imagined. Deceit and an attempt on her and her child’s life would test her will to survive, to the very core of Crystal’s sanity.


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FREE for the next FIVE days!!! August 1st through August 5th~

I ask all to please change this book out if you already have it on your e-readers...PLEASE!!!

I am now the publisher of my own work and all issues have been taken care of in that last release!  Things happen; formats revert, some can even be set on another countries setting and it will indeed mess up wording. Honour-to our Honor...really odd things, but my bad is so many ways.

Hoping my crew I did a good job and maybe some of you will change out...makes my whole year.  Other than the ones where other's do not care for my overly warped thinking in the too much violence in my work. ; ) But how cool would that be if even they did some research and upgraded that thought process, at least in thought and gave me a 'D'..LOL BUT...In life, if you put a wolf and a boar together...I can bet you my right leg that they will not sit and talk things over without any form of bloodshed. Nope, not when one insist on being the TOP pride~

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EXCERPT: Just one of my favorite parts~

“Yes, honey, this is a woman thing. You go enjoy yourself and don’t worry. She’ll be fine,” Bonny jabbered and moved up by Anthony, moving her hands up and down, not knowing what to do with herself.

“If you do not calm yourself, you will pass out just like she did,” Adella smiled, patting her on the back. “Come, you’ll be alright.”

“I haven’t had a baby, well, since I had a baby,” Bonny giggled, causing Adella to look back at Henry, who made the motion indicating that she had a little to drink.

“I think we have several months to worry about having a baby…don’t we?” Anthony asked, pausing on the staircase.

“Of course, don’t be foolish. Move yourself, boy,” Adella replied, swatting him on the butt.

“That is so funny,” Bonny snickered, tilting backwards.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Adella said, grabbing her around the waist and pushing her up against the banister.

“Did I just hiccup?” Bonny asked, laughing out loud. “That blue stuff was really good.”

“For the sake of Mother Earth, she drank your grandfather’s tonic.”

“She did what?” Anthony replied, so shocked he almost tripped and dropped Sky.

“Oh, this is not going to be good.”

Anthony lightly kicked Adella’s bedroom door open, and laid Sky—who was already asking what was going on, on the bed. He told her she had fainted, while Adella sat Bonny on the chair by the fireplace. Afterwards she grabbed a cold wash cloth out of the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom.

Sky sat up on the edge of the bed, turning three shades whiter, and then announced that she was going to be sick. Adella slid to a stop right at the foot of the bed, throwing the rag at Anthony and rushing back into the bathroom, grabbing the waste basket. She spun around and slung it in Anthony’s direction, with him catching it putting it under Sky’s head just in time to catch the contents of her stomach.

“I’m going to be ill,” Bonny burped, scooting to the edge of the chair, reaching for her mouth.

“What has cursed me this day?” Adella rolled her eyes and threw her head back.

She grabbed Bonny under the arm, dragged her to the toilet, where she held her head up so she could relieve herself of the blue tonic. The same tonic that Anthony’s grandfather had made for years and been drunker than a skunk off of every time he opened the jug.

Sky laid back and started crying for no apparent reason, while Bonny on the other hand was hugging the toilet singing a song that couldn’t be understood by anyone.

Adella left Bonny to entertain herself and went around to the other side of the bed, and lay down next to Sky. “I do not remember reading anything about this in the book of prophecies,” she said turning her head, looking into Sky’s tear filled eyes.

“I don’t feel so good,” Sky sniffled.

“It will pass, child. We all go through it. As for your mother in the other room, she will feel the effects of her day for hours to come.” Then she and Anthony both started laughing.

“I don’t get it,” Sky said, rolling over wiping her nose on her sleeve.

“Bonny drank a mixture that grandfather makes, claiming it helps his bones. It is so powerful, that no man can drink a full glass without becoming so drunk that he cannot stand straight,” Adella explained, smiling and closing her eyes.

“You should see her daughter drunk.”

“I believe I will pass. That reminds me. She and Parker should be returning anytime. Carter took them with a few of the enforcers to your father’s home to retrieve her, what she called, suitable clothing,” Adella said, putting her arm over her forehead.

“Tell me again…why didn’t we get rid of her?”

“Ladies,” Anthony snickered, moving the trash can back and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“She’s such a bitch,” Sky whispered, sitting up on her elbow. “Think that’s gonna change, because she’s a new pig?”

“Her mother will hear you,” he said putting his finger to his lips, smiling the whole time.

“She will not remember,” Adella interjected, as she sat up. “I better get Kayla to help me put this one in the tub, then directly in the bed.”

“Adella?” Sky reached up taking her hand.

“Yes, child?”

“Will there really be others trying to kill our baby?”

“In his future,” she paused. “I fear so.” She squeezed her hand, then left to find, Kayla.

©Copyright Robin Renee Ray July 2013

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