Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 10

Well, this may be my last why I dig it because I may just start posting really stupid shit...I know, what was my last ten post if not stupid shit, right..LOL Maybe we just have to do what we want to do no matter what the end results look like, no matter who...or if no one is looking. I say if we enjoy what we're doing with our free time then to hell with what the rest of the world thinks!  I for one am tired of worrying what others think...I am too old, been there and done that and am now going to start doing things my way. Life should not be more difficult than that.

If you make it to the age that I am, raised your babies, have grandchildren, worked your fingers to the bone and given your all to others...then what you do with the rest of your life and how you do it should be up to no one but yourself. My thing is I love to write. I love to create different places, people, plots and everything that goes in between. Just a few years ago I didn't care if anyone else out there read any of my creations, but now that I know in my heart that this is my true calling, all that I want to do is share it all.

In this day and age writers can carry their dreams out on a river of avenues. Any person with a little smarts can open a company or simply self-publish. Others take the longer road and send their work into already established sites. I say if you have that dream and you love what you do it doesn't matter how you get there...just get there. The world doesn't have to love your work, 10k doesn't have to have faith and follow your dream. We as writers are the only ones who can bring our dreams to the light, whether that light be on a publisher's desk...or in the future of our own hands. I would think the same would go with any other dream that people would have as well...as long as it gets done, right. ; )

Thank goodness there is so much help out there and all one needs to do is reach out and grab it. Had I not had a wonderful editor, I would have been burning crotches and rubbing genitals lovingly over arms. My typos are some of the best. But with a little help even I am getting better with my skill...a little! (Please forgive typos in all post...no editor, just me..LMAO)

My mind has gotten so bad I couldn't even set here and name off the titles of the books and short stories that I've completed, not without opening all of my files..LOL That's the hardfast truth. The book that I'm going over right now before I send it in to my editor, I wrote a few years ago, and I'm having a hard time remembering the tale. ; ) I guess I went so hard in such a short time that everything I have written got all mixed up in the old brain pan..LOL I really need to slow down on creating, and break down on getting all my past work to perfection. Then and only then should I jump back into going mad with my short stories and starting new novels....which if the truth be told, I have about 5/7 in the making, none too far. ; )

Well, that's about it on why I dig today and my final dig it post. Who knows what my next post will bring. I have to do something to keep myself from being bored to death...and don't even ask why people keep telling me I need this silly thing??? But, since I have had it up for so long I reckon I'll keep, keeping myself company and in a year or so come back and laugh at all my typos and the stupid shit I posted..LOL

Have a rockin' Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year....That is if what the Mayan's say doesn't come true, and if so, I guess we all better start bending over and kissing our backsides goodbye. ; ) See ya on the flip side~