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Werewolves, Erotic Romance and Chaos~ Arrival of the Prophecy has it all...

The book that saw more trouble than a barnyard full of chickens... with a pack of coons on the prowl..LOL Now on it's third edition and published by me, it seems to be on the right track. ; ) Due to this being the month of love and my big day, I thought I would put my favorite love story on sell, on Amazon and on All Romance~

For many centuries the shape-shifters of the world have lived in chaos, fighting clan against clan and breed killing breed. All Were-beings knew of the prophecy that spoke of the ones who would come and bring peace to those who lived among the humans in secrecy. And to those who lived under the thumb of an overbearing ruler. A Wolf King who gained his thrown after the death of his parents, killed by the hands of a crazed matriarch, she-ruler, of the foulest shape-shifting kind…, finds what Mother Earth places in all unnatural being’s soul mates. The other half of his soul and the one thing that can set the prophecy on its foretold path. Only, Sky Delaney is no shape shifter.

What will Anthony the clan leader do once he realizes the other half of his soul is in a frail, pure… Human? His beast has made its choice; the question is… will the human comply?


She was holding the second half-eaten steak in her hands, when her front door flew open, crashing into the bookshelf behind it. Sky jumped up grabbing the back of the chair, throwing it toward the kitchen door, which led into the living room. She spun around and grabbed a knife from the butcher block, when Anthony came sliding into the living room hollering out her name. Sky cleared her throat and watched as he turned in slow motion to look at her.

“What’s the matter, Sky? Why is your phone busy?”

“I...” she started then looked down at the knife, then quickly set it down on the counter. “I didn’t even know my phone was busy. I just wanted to talk.”

“So you told my butler that you were having an emergency?” he questioned as he sternly walked toward her.

“Why are you so upset?” she said, holding her hands out while she stepped to the right, keeping her body pressed to the kitchen counter.

“Do I really have to explain that?” he replied, staring at her. “What was so important?”

“What was I supposed to say? I want him to come screw my brains out before my body burns up, would that be more appropriate?” she spoke before thinking.

Anthony started to say something then froze with his mouth partially open.

Sky looked up at him then shook her head and tried to leave the room only to have him grab her by the arm. When she wouldn’t look up he put his other hand under her chin and lifted it, then ran his fingers back through her hair. She closed her eyes, leaning her head into the palm of his hand as it passed by her cheek. Sky reached up taking a hold of Anthony’s arm and walking closer until her body pressed up against his. She pulled her arm away from his grip, running her hands up under his coat, pushing it off at his shoulders, letting it drop to the kitchen floor. She then turned her attention to unbuttoning his black silk shirt.

“This feels nice,” she said, spreading his shirt and kissing his chest. “Must have been a fancy meeting.” Then she pulled it from his pants.

“Sky, are you sure this is what you want?” he asked, pushing her back by the shoulders.

“I’m burning up here! Ya think we can discuss this later?” she said, jumping up wrapping her legs around his waist, as she held on to his neck. “I know you want me, I can smell it. Isn’t that what you always say?”

That was all Anthony needed to hear. He spun her around sitting her up on the counter and lifted her tank top over her head, kissing her neck while rubbing every part of her flesh that his hands could find. She moaned leaning back with her eyes closed, not breaking her focus even when her head smacked the cabinet behind her. Anthony’s mouth had just found the most delicate part of her breast when he smiled, stood up and gently caressed the back of her head which was throbbing mildly. He lifted her off the counter and into the air, and then slowly lowered her to the floor. He took her hand and pulled her gently into the living room, only to find the very same officer standing in the open doorway that Anthony hadn’t bothered to shut. A highly embarrassed Sky dove back into the kitchen as Anthony set things in order.

“It’s safe, you can come out now,” Anthony said laughing.

“Do you think he saw my boobs?”

“If he didn’t, I’m sure he will soon enough,” he replied, stepping through the kitchen door and right up to Sky. “We do gather a lot, and some of us like to come as our true selves.”

“Promise me you’ll care for me forever, Anthony?” she whispered leaning her nude breasts into his rippled stomach.

“Your love will be my pleasure for all eternity.”

Sky ran her hands down his waist, lightly grabbing the top of his pants. She then sank her fingers deep behind the button on the band, coming ever so close to touching the flesh that was reaching its full potential. She grazed his flesh with the tips of her fingers, making him close his eyes and swallow, in effort to get past the tantalizing cool sensation of her hand. She started backing toward the living room with a commanding look in her eye, that plainly stated that his want was about to finally be sated. Once she reached the middle of the living room floor she went down to her knees, pulling Anthony down with her.

He never took his eyes away from Sky’s as he reached over and pushed the coffee table down to the end of the couch with one hand, while the other slid up under her left breast, lifting it so he could guide her hard nipple into his mouth.

Sky arched her back, swaying with the weight of his body pressing on hers, moaning at the immense pleasure he was providing. Anthony took his hand placing it in the middle of her back, and forcibly pulled her back up, immediately locking his mouth onto hers. Sky instinctively pushed against his chest with her hand, moving her head, trying to break his embrace. The longer they kissed, the softer his grip became. The hand that was pushing on his chest now found its way to the back of his neck, her kiss growing deeper.

Anthony broke from the kiss, looking at her with the corner of his mouth in a devilish grin and one brow raised. Sky’s heart began to race as a slight tremble started at the bend of her knees, and went to a depth which her virginity knew nothing about. Anthony’s look took on a sudden change when he started lowering her to the floor. He wrapped his arm around her lower back, so that she could straighten out her legs, and then laid her down, pressing his pelvic area up against hers while holding his upper body off of her.

“I want to please you, Sky,” he spoke as his eyes made their way over her ample breasts. “In ways you have never imagined.” Then he began sliding her boxers down over her hips.

“Anthony,” she whispered as his thumb grazed the top of her most delicate part.

“Shhh,” he insisted as his hand moved lower.

Sky’s legs tensed when he pushed her boxers further down as his lips traveled to the side of her waist, opening to a soft warm tongue that was waiting to lick across her stomach and molest her bellybutton. Sky arched her back while Anthony rolled back in-between her legs, moving his head from side to side, biting and nibbling on each hip, teasing her to the point of explosion. She started shaking her head, burying both hands into his thick black hair, unknowingly showing her innocence, driving him into an even stronger force to please her. Anthony rose up, grabbing both of her hands and pinned them out to the sides, then leaned in to work her breasts with one last oral ordeal, before working his way back downwards once more.
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