Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me~ And more Feb Giveaways!!!

February is a wonderful month...God allowed me to take my first breath on this day and according to my mother~ I was not her most pleasant of six births. : ( So...I am very grateful to be here!

 To all my peeps who have a big day today!!!

Uncertain Meanings will be FREE for one more day, through midnight of the 18th on Amazon.


Arrival of the Prophecy starts its FREE journey today. Another love story~  My B-Day gift to my Were-beast loving peeps, that get a wee bit of a weird rush from paranormal romance with a mix of twisted violence... here and there. ; p I know I do! Feb 17th - Feb 21st



And then soon after, like on the 22nd...I will give another love story. Not one of frilly, lace covered beds... or walks along the beach at night, holding hands with the dead. No, she is real and hell bent on wheels to kill any who want an ordeal. Yet, she loves him like no other... and it shows, even as they make love, moments... after taking the life of another.

??? Fill in the question mark on what book is next ? and be the first to get in the drawing for one of the first 2 print books that will be going out of my Bloodbreeder's series: Living in Darkness, book one. It will be part of an upcoming contest to celebrate the series return to paper-back. WOOHOO!!!

Have a rockin day and even better Humpday..LOL

Big Loveyoulotilishous Hugs~
Savannah Rayne the author to blog with!