Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year and a lot of Jabbering..LOL

Hi all and are you ready for the New Year? Me...I don't even care to think about it. I don't make promises I know always seem to fall in on them selves. I'm gonna do this or I'm gonna do that, when in the long run I do just what I say I am not or don't do what I say I'm going to work so hard to do. However, I do see how the New Year pushes people to put the gears into over-drive on all the things they have been slacking on the prior year. One can only do what one puts their minds to at any given time. BUT...if that burst helps, then by all means. ; )
I personally had my mind made up what my future goals were months before this coming 'very soon' 2013...My files are full of work that needs to be as sharp as I can possibly get them, and believe me, that is going to take some busting ass. The one thing I should have started doing months ago was dig deeper into the world of readers and peeps who like the genres that I work in the most. Find like minded people who want to share, spread and create more lines and links for that very said work to be found, or at the very least, read about. But, my husband's family has been dealing with a great deal of illness and death, so all was put on hold and for good cause.
Even with my hubby having to be gone so far away, taking care of his mother who now has cancer and going through treatment, he is always looking into things that we might be able to do around his home town and surrounding area. 'Makes my heart overflow'... I do have a signing gig up in Ruiodoso New Nexico after things calm down after the first and then will be doing some talking for a spring gig down in Texas where my Bloodbreeders came to what will I be doing? LOL
As for me and what my so called resolutions are for 2013....Not one single thing! I have enough on my plate to add even one more thing..LOL
When the ball drops, I will be sitting here in my cave with my critters texting my hubby a kiss...then either back to posting Happy New Year on my sites to my peeps or watching one of my favorite horror movies, curled up under the electric blanket with my critters.
I will go ahead and say: Best Wishes and Happy New Year
Those two of us that come in here to read this blog of mine, know it could be a day or two before I make it back..LMAO
 Many Blessing and Have a Safe and Happy New Year~
Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Vampire, Intrigue/Suspense....Looks like one of those lovey, dovey romance reads from the covers, so I have been told...but I give you my word...It is not!!!
Bloodbreeders Seeking Others (Book 3) Coming Early 2013...for those who have been so very kind to wait and ask through emails, this book should be out no later than March. I know I said late January, but one never really knows with so much going on. And we all know how easy it is for something we have no control over to pop up. BUT...It will and is going through the ropes of getting to the press. ; )

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 10

Well, this may be my last why I dig it because I may just start posting really stupid shit...I know, what was my last ten post if not stupid shit, right..LOL Maybe we just have to do what we want to do no matter what the end results look like, no matter who...or if no one is looking. I say if we enjoy what we're doing with our free time then to hell with what the rest of the world thinks!  I for one am tired of worrying what others think...I am too old, been there and done that and am now going to start doing things my way. Life should not be more difficult than that.

If you make it to the age that I am, raised your babies, have grandchildren, worked your fingers to the bone and given your all to others...then what you do with the rest of your life and how you do it should be up to no one but yourself. My thing is I love to write. I love to create different places, people, plots and everything that goes in between. Just a few years ago I didn't care if anyone else out there read any of my creations, but now that I know in my heart that this is my true calling, all that I want to do is share it all.

In this day and age writers can carry their dreams out on a river of avenues. Any person with a little smarts can open a company or simply self-publish. Others take the longer road and send their work into already established sites. I say if you have that dream and you love what you do it doesn't matter how you get there...just get there. The world doesn't have to love your work, 10k doesn't have to have faith and follow your dream. We as writers are the only ones who can bring our dreams to the light, whether that light be on a publisher's desk...or in the future of our own hands. I would think the same would go with any other dream that people would have as long as it gets done, right. ; )

Thank goodness there is so much help out there and all one needs to do is reach out and grab it. Had I not had a wonderful editor, I would have been burning crotches and rubbing genitals lovingly over arms. My typos are some of the best. But with a little help even I am getting better with my skill...a little! (Please forgive typos in all editor, just me..LMAO)

My mind has gotten so bad I couldn't even set here and name off the titles of the books and short stories that I've completed, not without opening all of my files..LOL That's the hardfast truth. The book that I'm going over right now before I send it in to my editor, I wrote a few years ago, and I'm having a hard time remembering the tale. ; ) I guess I went so hard in such a short time that everything I have written got all mixed up in the old brain pan..LOL I really need to slow down on creating, and break down on getting all my past work to perfection. Then and only then should I jump back into going mad with my short stories and starting new novels....which if the truth be told, I have about 5/7 in the making, none too far. ; )

Well, that's about it on why I dig today and my final dig it post. Who knows what my next post will bring. I have to do something to keep myself from being bored to death...and don't even ask why people keep telling me I need this silly thing??? But, since I have had it up for so long I reckon I'll keep, keeping myself company and in a year or so come back and laugh at all my typos and the stupid shit I posted..LOL

Have a rockin' Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year....That is if what the Mayan's say doesn't come true, and if so, I guess we all better start bending over and kissing our backsides goodbye. ; ) See ya on the flip side~


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why I Dig It ~ 9

Now I really dig today's blog because I get to share an author friend's book that is also FREE on Amazon until the 18th. Savannah Rayne's 'Oh, Deer' is on the market for free for this first time since its release... so ya better snag it while you have a chance!!! Just click on the book cover and it will take you there. : )

Jacob Ellis and his wife Donna live in the north woods of Wisconsin. Like most young couples, they have hobbies they enjoy. Jacob likes the outdoors, choosing four-wheeling and hunting as his forms of relaxation. Donna loves cooking, but her true passion is working in her flower garden. That is until her labor of love becomes nothing more than a colorful, tasty treat for the white-tailed deer, who share their surroundings. One night the pair experience more than the typical four legged visitor to their yard. The evening sets the path for Jacob’s decision to go against nature. After hearing a legend passed down through generations of the Chippewa Indian’s, Jacob must now decide if it’s just a myth or a lesson in the balance of law and justice— between people and nature.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 8

This blog post really cracks me up!!! I am posting my own free book on my own blog on a day I am posting my why I dig it..LMAO The way I look at it...someone has to share my FREE reads on Amazon and well, who better than the author. Most of my peeps are down and out and it is time to get 'er done while this giveaway last. ; ) What makes it truly funny, is I am one of the only people that reads my blog..LMFAO But, I love my covers and will enjoy scrolling down one of these days and seeing it on here...SO...It will make a great post and this is why I dig todays post....because I can post whatever the hell I want. My books, your books, their just doesn't really matter.

BLOODBREEDERS; Living In Darkness:


 Yep, it looks like a romance...but its not..LOL maybe in the long run, but tis not for the faint of heart! ; ) My vamps are just a wee bit different and most humans just end up on the menu. All are nightwalkers, all need blood...and nine out of ten could care a less about their own kind. That is until they pick on the wrong little country girl...that's when the under world gets turned upside down. Little graphic...lots of character fun in this five book rollcoaster ride. Hang on!!!
I think this will be FREE FREE FREE until the 18th??? Snag it if you want too, and if you like it you may even like book two better. Bloodbreeders The Revenge...soon to be followed by Seeking Others and then Lies Beneath London...But 5 will be under way very soon...well, as soon as I can get a break and take at least a two week getaway. ; )

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 7

I just feel like adding some of my favorite pic's of 2012...and yep they could be just about anything..LOL

So pay no mind to the seasons in this post and that is why I dig it...because it doesn't make any sense what so ever!!! ; p


Just an odd little mix of some of my favs...only because I need a nap and didn't really feel like doing too much to my blog today..LOL The one thing a person can do without a doubt on their own blog is....Be Honest!!! ; )
Happy Holidays... Yes, Yes...Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 6

I guess I should make todays post as the 'I can skip a few days of posting if I feel like it!' LOL Honestly, I just don't have the time to create a blog on a daily bases. Yes, a great deal of the time I am just being lazy but the rest of my time, I am either on the road or playing with my beautiful grand-babies.

I have an enormous amount of work to do. I'm editing book three in my Bloodbreeders' series which is much longer than the first two at about 370 pages. Book four is all but complete due to the fact that I never finish a book in my series unless I am ready to start the next book??? Just a fruit-loop I guess..LOL However, in my BB series every book is like turning the next page since the first 5 books is just one long tale, told by the main character: Renee (Crocker) Lebrun. Though, all of my characters have a POV when the time comes. I want my readers to see the whole store as if they were in the mix of things, so to speak and not just waiting to see what is going to happen when the main peeps are in the picture.

I am also working on the sequels to several of my short miniseries, all horror based and with an erotic flavor. One will find me at all times writing some sort of horror short even while I am working on one of my novels. They just seem to relax me??? I have a new script in the making and more than a few books to read for others.

At least once a week my grands stay the night and as long as they can the next day and my laptop is never opened when they are here. I live and take care of my elderly mom, while driving twice a month, four hours to go visit my hubby who is taking care of his ill mother...where he has been for six months.

So you see why I do not have time to create a post every day of the week..LOL And this is why I dig today's post. Who cares if I have a new read up everyday...Would you guys really want me to have that boring of a life that I had nothing to do but sit here and blog about something you've more than likely read on another blog. ; )  *Snicker* I sure hope not!

Hope you all have something more to do than just read blogs all day....and are enjoying life as much as I am....And believe it or not...I am a very reclusive person. ; ) It's how we fill our days that matter, not how much we can shove in it!

Happy Holidays Babies~

Monday, December 3, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 5

Got to talk about my love of horror and why it is my favorite thing to write. Well, to be honest, I really don't know why it's my fav but I can tell you I dig the shit out of anything horror based. If I can chop, slice, dismember, gut, decapitate, beat the crap out of the bad guys and then do all of the above to them then I am one happy camper..LOL I also dig writing things that put chills up the spine, like stories about haunted houses, old building, cursed land or tales of folk-lore.

Some of my stories come from places that I have been or seen as I was driving by, while others come from a single thought that could be about a bug or even a tree branch blowing in the wind. That would be how Roots of Evil came to life and a group of camper's lost their lives when a wicked tree in the middle of a pond, ate them. ; ) Guess they should have paid more mind to the 'No Trespassing' sign..LOL  All in all I have written over 70 short horror stories and one sweet one that is still posted on Author Danielle Steels' beauty site, that was placed there from a contest I was in where I came in 5th out of thousands when I first started writing. That made me feel pretty good, but I haven't written a sweet story since. : ) Nope, the rest are as warped as I could make them!

You can find one of my stories that are shared in part weekly on Author Savannah Rayne's blog on Wednesdays, that will also go into one of my short story novels later down the line. So far I have two with my publisher at Hellfire Publishing and I have enough to put together two more books. Maybe more. ; ) I just happen to be one of those writers who can look at a blank page and see a story come to life with little to no research, unless of course, it has something to do with folk-lore.

All I know is my life would sure be boring if I had to write nothing but contemporary...But thankfully we as author's can write whatever the hell we want no matter if it isn't like by anyone out there and that is why I dig today's post. Well, I guess I should say this weeks post because once again I have to go out of town, but I am taking my laptop and will do my best to blog about Why I Dig It~ 6 if I have the time?

Happy Holidays Baby~

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why I Dig it~4

Hot Bodies...Does it get any better? I thought since I have turned my page to 18 and over that I might as well add my favorite HOTTIES and a few new ones that I have added to my stock pile. ; p

I will let the photos speak for themselves and that is why I dig this post!!! ; )



I absolutely saved the best for last...Hellz Yeah!!! I don't care what anyone thinks about this blog post because I am doing a why I dig it for a reason..LOL When I said I wanted to come to my own blog and actually enjoy scrolling, I without a doubt meant it. ; p


Happy Holidays My Little Buddy's~