Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Christmas Giveaway Winners!!!

Hi all....I have been trying to post this since yesterday..LOL My server has had the hiccups due to bad weather, but I finally got online~

3rd Place goes to: Susan Pfeiffer... Who will get a signed copy of Uncertain Meanings~

2nd Place April Epley  Who will get a signed copy of Uncetain Meanings and $25.00

1st Place and Super Congratulations to: RRL Who gets the whole basket of goodies~

Thank you all for stopping by and joining in on the fun....Keep an eye out for my Pie Contest that will be coming up after the New Year!!!

In the event that I do not hear from one of the winners in a five day period...I will move up the winners and draw from the hat. ; ) My email:  Just send me your home addy and I will put everything in the mail in five days...that is if I hear from all my winners. If I hear from all I will send them out sooner!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year~

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Merry Christmas
Hi all...I am so ready to have some fun and give a basket full of goodies away. This will have A, B, C, D questions, no hopping just type them in. Simple, those who are closest to my answers will be put into the Christmas Hat and a drawing will take place. My answers will be on the page but hidden under a dark highlight. ; )
The questions, my answers and example:
A: What is your favorite horror movie?
B: What is your favorite kind of music?
C: What is your favorite dish at Christmas dinner?
D: What is Robin Renee Ray's most used slang bad word, that she doesn't use when online? ; p A single letter will be fine..LOL 
All you will need is the answers: Mine~
A: All of them..LOL
B: R & B, Hip Hop, Old Rock and Rock!
C: The dressing smoother in gravy~
D: 'F' word..LOL
After you answer be sure to add your email addy or check back on the 20th...late evening, and I will post the winner and that winner can send me their email after I give them mine???
There are 15 items in the basket and a $25.00 cash in cash in a card..LOL
Two of the items are yummy to your tummy! And very sweet~
Candle, leg warmers, tote bag, Santa's hat and a hard candy treat!

It all packs into the basket all nice and neat~
Signed book, cute pencils, nail polish, lip gloss, two ebooks, popcorn treats...and more, just join the fun and leave me a Beep Beep..LOL
You can answer here on my blog or any site that this blog goes out to...I will check them all. I hope you have a blast and those who really do leave me a Beep Beep will be entered twice and automatically be added into the hat!!!
Have fun...The contest will end late evening 12/20/2013

Guys... You can play also and give the basket to your special other!!! ; )