Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Bren Woodard: Hatred, With a Passion

From birth, life had never been good for Bren Woodard. Fate dealt her a shitty opening hand with an abusive, alcoholic father, and a mother who chose to turn a drunken eye, right down to a society that didn’t even care if she existed.

By the time she had become a young woman, Bren had taken as her own, one of the many names from the multitude of taunted nick-names from those who teased her. The young woman, now known as Bren (Woody) Woodard, escaped from her past hell and took a path into the world of the unknown. She made her remaining parent pay; knowing that the very same society that wouldn’t look past the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ where her parent’s death was concerned, made it easy.

Now she was prepared for any who came her way looking for trouble. She would make them pay by way of the weapons she loved, ones she’d created with her own hands. To her, death would be a release and the end of her worries. So the death of another would merely be secondary!


Bren Woodard: Peace Interrupted: will release in 2015 and then we'll just have to wait and see where Woody and Steve end up. Their lives are next to perfect for almost a year in part two. Two major things happen that would bring joy to any that loved as strong as these two lovers do. of them will suffer something horrible, causing the other to go a little insane. Who will it be? What will happen to the two that hold more secrets than they could ever share with another living soul? And will they be able to withstand the horror that turns their peaceful existence apart?

Many have asked me why I write about such things as: Horror, Crime, Murder, Serial Killers, Paranormal reads with all of the above. And very little in the way of sugar and spice~ Life is not everything nice. Life is not filled with happy ever after's. Life doesn't always come out smelling like roses. Those who watch the news or read the newspaper (Myself, NOT being one of them) see more horror than I could ever write, they just choose to believe it happens to others...or look the other way until the weather comes on. Me...I write the ugly side of things, most of the time making my female protagonist handle her own affairs and not have a hero popping up to save her in every read. No way!!! It would be sweet if life worked that way, and even though my work is fiction....that sugar and spice, let's make it all romantic and nice, is for those who enjoy creating it.  

My readers will find my warped ugly side even in my contemporary reads. Just as they will find romance in my thrillers and paranormal/horror novels. Life is full of it all and no matter what life hands my characters, I have a blast taking that journey with them. As I have told my own brother who asked: "Where do you come up with some of that shit?"

"Y'all shouldn't have been so mean to me when I was little," I laughed.

"We weren't that mean!" He gave me this odd frown.

Then I looked at him straight in the eye and gave him the truth. "I'm warped, and you haven't read anything yet." Because if he reads even book one in my Piper Vale series when it releases in a few months...he will know, without a doubt, what I mean about being warped. ; )

That's when he asked me about my shoulder tat that reads, of course, BLOODBREEDERS with a beautiful skull below. That in itself is another story altogether..LOL

Have a rockin' day all and as always....Big Newreleaseilishous Hugs  *snicker*

Cover Art By: Rebel Angel Designs