Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jabbering about Wings and Passion

Jabbering about Wings and Passion: My first erotica write. ; )

I never thought writing in a new genre could be either, so fun, or so confusing. Who would think that a woman kissing 50, with grandchildren would be gripping at straws where her characters love making is concerned. In my 'Wings and Passion' I am trying to up the ante in the 'getting it on' scenes. I have plenty of love making in all of my paranormal romance reads, but all would rank low on the erotica scale. Yes, they have all the pleasures that are meant to be had, but nothing in the way that a truly erotica read needs, to relate to the readers....that it's so hot that you don't want to pass it by!

Telling of story that is filled with fantasy, where two beings from different worlds, connect and fall into a love that is unheard of. Having the characters come to life and engage the reader to want to know more about them is something else that I love creating. be it in my worlds of horror, or my worlds of fantasy romance. I guess I have this little line that I'm having a hard jumping across, when writing about the ways that my characters move in the sack, or on the table, or the washer, or even the stove top. I don't want to offend, but I also don't want to walk on egg shells. I have this hungry need and want to step into this 'Erotica' genre with no worries about what others may think. I've been told several times that my horror and suspense is far to graphic...if my erotica is anything like my other writings it may be off the wall, or thrown under the bed..LOL.

 I do know that Wings and Passion, will be twisted with my love of intrigue...putting my characters in harms way at every turn. I guess that's about all that I have to jabber about on this for right now, anyway. I have been doing a great amount of research on killer site of Author's that rule the world of erotica writing and I have to shout out a huge thank you to all those who share!

Have a great night! Big Hugs~