Friday, June 22, 2012

Please Welcome Author Ellen McKinney!

Please Welcome Author Ellen McKinney!

About Author Ellen McKinney: 

Ellen McKinney's Santa Fe Son, Best of Intentions and Private Honor are among the world's most loved mystery novels. Praised for their intriguing and vivid blend of crime scene investigations and romance, as well as for her intense formulation of characters and immense storytelling penmanship, her novels stand as a true and sworn testimony to the courtroom of her innocent plea in America's most popular literature since her first publication in 2005. Ellen McKinney was born in Peterborough, England and settled in Texas with her husband, Carey.

Ellen is currently engaging her lifelong desire for traveling, cultural experiences and is in the process of writing the sequel to her fifth novel entitled 'The Angel Wore Black'. According to forensics and a few eye witnesses, Ellen may be a conspiring accomplice with another author to further the production of another murder mystery novel entitled 'By Morning Light'.

Hello Ellen and thank you so much for stopping by!

Robin: I always like to start out with; have you always had a dream of being a novelist?

Ellen: No, actually I didn’t until I was encouraged to try my hand and once I put words on paper knew I had found a passion to write.

Robin: What does your family think about you becoming a writer?

Ellen: They are amazed and very proud of me.

Robin: Can you tell us a little about Santa Fe Son?

Ellen: sure, would be happy to.

Past memories can be wonderful, but sometimes sad for Corinne. Her world
was rocked by the seemingly senseless tragic murder of a close and lifelong
friend. The murder drastically altered the trajectory of her life as a gifted
medical professional. Overwhelmed by the loss, she was determined to make
it her mission to help bring to justice those responsible for her best friend's death.

As fate would have it, the Sheriff's Deputy first on the scene was an acquaintance of Corinne's. The crime scene at the victim's apartment was suspiciously clean with no evidence of a break in. With the crime scene wiped clean of any fingerprints, the best hope of solving this crime now rest on the meager forensic evidence.

The Deputy and Corinne join forces to solve this shocking crime. However, the entire focus of the case changed when the deputy's partner revealed a secret about the victim. His revelation led to a major complication in the case.

Was the victim reaching out from the grave leading Corinne in the right direction or was the trauma of her close friend's death playing tricks with her imagination?

Robin: Being a Texan, what made you pick the Santa Fe as the key to your story?

 Ellen: Robin, I’m an adopted Texan, but I do call Texas my home. My husband Carey and I visited the city several times and fell in love with its ambiance and I thought what fun it would be to write a story using Santa Fe as the setting.

Robin: I know you moved to a new company with your books, can you tell us a bit about that?

Ellen: more personalized service and I am treated with respect and admiration.

Robin: Now for your new release…and might I say: I LOVE the cover on Private Honor. Would you please give us a little of the background on this story?

Ellen: I wanted to challenge myself and write 1st person as a male and the story just came to me. And let me tell you it’s been a blast.

Blurb: Nash Brody, a Dallas Police Captain suffers a traumatic career ending injury. His first day back on the job a close friend is murdered and Nash becomes obsessively compelled to yet pursue the case on his own, becoming a matter of private honor for him to solve the crime and landing his dream job as a private investigator.

It is with this new career that Nash is taken on an incredible journey of self awareness and revere.

Robin: Does either Santa Fe Son or Private Honor have a sequel in the works and if not, can you tell us what we can look for from you in the future?

Ellen: Private Honor does it’s called The Angel Wore Black. I’m sure down the road I will do a sequel to Santa Fe Son it would be neat to see where I could take those characters. I also have some past novels my publisher and I are going to rerelease. I have written for three upcoming anthologies and have ideas for more mysteries.

Robin: What are the genres that you work in and have you ever thought about jumping into a genre that you have never written in before?

Ellen: mostly murder mystery with a touch of romance, I did write a ghost story and some poetry recently and enjoyed branching out, also Science Fiction is an interest for me.

Robin: Where do you get your inspiration from, Ellen?

Ellen: from several different genre’s of music depending on my mood, I especially like Celtic new age and smooth jazz.

Robin: Is there any advice that you can give aspiring authors who are just starting out and think they can not do this?

Ellen: writing is not only putting words on paper it is a creative process and with perseverance and passion follow your dream, it is something you put your all into.

Robin: Ellen, this has been so much fun and I just love getting to know you better.  I have to ask…Will you come back again when your new book is released? I know I will want to know more. ;)

Ellen: of course I would love to.

Robin: Last but not lease, can you give us a little info about, The Angel Wore Black?

Ellen: sure I would be happy to.

Blurb: The Caribbean held captive what was dearest to him…his daughter.
His only choice was to go there and rescue her. An undertaking filled with mystery and danger. Finding her was only the beginning journey for Nash Brody.

Nothing in all of his training could have prepared him for what he was to encounter, but determination and strong faith sustained him. The Angel Wore Black at least his daughter saw him that way. Living up to her expectations was a task designed and custom fit for him.

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