Thursday, August 16, 2012

OUT in Print!!! WOOHOO......

The Tale of Two Toodlegnomes....

From the imagination of a small child and put together by her grandma!!! This is a long children's action adventure, mini-series...which when I ask the grand how many books she thought we would end up with, she replied "About fifteen!" LOL She is now 6 years old. ; )

She will be doing her first book signing this fall in our home town and she is very excited. We started working on this when she was just 2 and a half while on vacation, and grandma put it together when she was five. To her it is a brand new adventure even though she remembers pretending to fight the Bumble Bee Dragons with our little plastic swords and creating the Purple Murples when she first saw a Dragonfly..LOL We now have new swords and have started our new adventure in finding the home of the dreaded Queen of the Bumble Bee Dragons which she named after seeing a huge Bumble Bee.

In this 38 page tale there are creatures of all kinds, from horrid spiders that tower over the tiny Toodlegnomes who live in the magical forest to the slimy Gordilines that she named after playing with a fat worm. In book two she told me we would have to have a Mole that would dig a tunnel for the two toodlegnomes because the Queen Bumble Bee Dragon lived in a honey-comb castle and they had to find a way in from under so they wouldn't be seen and captured. I love how she thinks!

You can find this wonderful read at amazon and soon other sites where you can get it with her autograph. She is published through Hellfire Publishing, their first children's book and their youngest!

In time we will be looking into sending this tale to Pixar and are now looking into ways to do so....If you do pick up this story up we would love your input and a review. Believe me...A.L. Mcbee reads everything that anyone says about her little books...good or bad. Grandma has always told her the bad can be as good as the good and to never let it get her down. ; )

Have a most wonderful day!

Big Hugs to you all~