Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year and a lot of Jabbering..LOL

Hi all and are you ready for the New Year? Me...I don't even care to think about it. I don't make promises I know always seem to fall in on them selves. I'm gonna do this or I'm gonna do that, when in the long run I do just what I say I am not or don't do what I say I'm going to work so hard to do. However, I do see how the New Year pushes people to put the gears into over-drive on all the things they have been slacking on the prior year. One can only do what one puts their minds to at any given time. BUT...if that burst helps, then by all means. ; )
I personally had my mind made up what my future goals were months before this coming 'very soon' 2013...My files are full of work that needs to be as sharp as I can possibly get them, and believe me, that is going to take some busting ass. The one thing I should have started doing months ago was dig deeper into the world of readers and peeps who like the genres that I work in the most. Find like minded people who want to share, spread and create more lines and links for that very said work to be found, or at the very least, read about. But, my husband's family has been dealing with a great deal of illness and death, so all was put on hold and for good cause.
Even with my hubby having to be gone so far away, taking care of his mother who now has cancer and going through treatment, he is always looking into things that we might be able to do around his home town and surrounding area. 'Makes my heart overflow'... I do have a signing gig up in Ruiodoso New Nexico after things calm down after the first and then will be doing some talking for a spring gig down in Texas where my Bloodbreeders came to what will I be doing? LOL
As for me and what my so called resolutions are for 2013....Not one single thing! I have enough on my plate to add even one more thing..LOL
When the ball drops, I will be sitting here in my cave with my critters texting my hubby a kiss...then either back to posting Happy New Year on my sites to my peeps or watching one of my favorite horror movies, curled up under the electric blanket with my critters.
I will go ahead and say: Best Wishes and Happy New Year
Those two of us that come in here to read this blog of mine, know it could be a day or two before I make it back..LMAO
 Many Blessing and Have a Safe and Happy New Year~
Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Vampire, Intrigue/Suspense....Looks like one of those lovey, dovey romance reads from the covers, so I have been told...but I give you my word...It is not!!!
Bloodbreeders Seeking Others (Book 3) Coming Early 2013...for those who have been so very kind to wait and ask through emails, this book should be out no later than March. I know I said late January, but one never really knows with so much going on. And we all know how easy it is for something we have no control over to pop up. BUT...It will and is going through the ropes of getting to the press. ; )