Monday, September 9, 2013

What HAS Been Going On???

Hello All....

It's been a while since I've made a post but there has been a lot going on!!!

I've had a dear friend whose family has been dealing with a great amount of medical problems and I am just not the type to be able to promo when my super close peeps are in hard times.  As of right now, all is in God's hands...Many prayers will continue to go their way! However, I have been getting some off line work done while I sit and wait on news.

 Bloodbreeders; Living in Darkness, book one is ready for release and I am setting a date asap.

Cover Art By: Rebel Angel Designs Thank you so very much, Ms. Sarah....I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

The new cover for book two in the Bloodbreeder's series is under way and book four will follow shortly after. I will be keeping book three due to it being created by Rebel Angel Designs which is the company I have contracted with to do all of my work....

EJC Publishing: My first and only company and future home for my work. It will first house 10 of my books...that's what I am working on getting out as soon as humanly possibly ... but also making sure they are the best that myself and my crew can make them!!! I will open with:

Uncertain Meanings ( Contemporary Romance)
Arrival of the Prophecy (Paranormal Werewolf Romance/Erotic/Suspense)
The Bloodbreeder's Series...First Four Books: (Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Vampire/Suspense-Romance)
Living In Darkness
The Revenge
Seeking Others
Lies Beneath London
The Piper Vale Series; Book one (Thriller)
Please Don't Hurt Me
An Author's Anthology Four short stories ( Paranormal/Erotica/Romance-Horror)
An Author's Anthology: Part Two ( Holiday Horrors)
Short Stories of Twisted Tales: Part one...10 short stories ( Horror )

Cover Art By: Kysha McBee
Photography By: Robin Renee Ray

Afterwards, I will still have 10 full length novels to get ready to release and add to the company before I can get back to creating..LOL Good grief!!! BUT...I am very happy to say that I am not alone. At first I thought I would be the only author housed at EJC due to it being a NO submission company. My partner, of course, is my editor and very dearest friend, Jeanette Ratajczyk and she too is an author....yep she goes by...Savannah Rayne, and she will also house her work on EJC Publishing's walls adding to it's numbers ...  and genre reading pleasure ... with three amazing reads as of right now and maybe by the time the company opens...four. ; )

I have also asked my copy editor, DeAnna Felthauser, if she would like to add her work and this is where it will end. It remains to be seen just how many books Ms. Felthauser will be adding and just what genres they will be...but get ready, because we three will have almost every genre out there between us. ; ) And I think I will call us the 'Three Blind Mice' LOL As we learn blindly as we go..LOL

Yes, I am heading it up and yes, it will be my company. I will hold the business licenses and be the one sending out to book stores/news papers/radio stations/promo sites and even more...but, we will all three handle our own affairs as far as sells and how they are paid, goes...We will also be handling our own books. No BOSSES, just partners...three women/authors who want to be independent using our own publishing company for marketing reasoning. Things may seem like it is taking a bit to get off the ground, but that's only because I am one person who is making damn sure every 'T' is crossed and 'I' is dotted...and all is legal, plus!!!!

We can only get out one book at a time and we are all working on getting a book out. I have many, and one right after the other so I won't be online a great deal. BUT...We are hoping to have things going nicely by the month of December, with a great deal of these books out and the company business link up and under construction.

Have a wonderful week all~

Big Hugs from me and all of us at:
 EJC Publishing~ Privately Owned and Operated By...RRR & JR Copyright 2013