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BLOODBREEDERS 3 Seeking Others ... and more.....come take a peek~

First she is taken from her maker by those she had come to trust, only to be thrown into the pits of hell itself....then she returns in book two to kick a little, well, payback...

Now it is time to find those who are even sicker than those who had incased her in the foul, perverted, underworld of the Bloodbreeders~mere weeks after her human body fell to the world of darkness.

Her mind bent on making the warp pay and set the innocent free, she sets a bloody path of mass destruction with her faithful followers she gains on her journey of 'uncertain death'....all the while knowing 'he' her maker, is the one true thing she hopes to find. Not sure if he is one of the enemies or something else???

How far will they go and how many will fall along the way?

Meet the New Kids on the Block.

Not for the faint of heart. MUCH Violence.


Many things had come to pass long before our journey began, and we knew the time had come to seek for others. The wicked ways of the Bloodbreeders had to be stopped even if it meant that we would breathe our last breath in our efforts to make that happen. For centuries many had endured unspeakable acts and heinous torture at the hands of those they were forced to call “Master”. I was not one who could sit by and watch it continue. Not if I could do something to bring this madness down. Abducted myself, not long after I was brought into this world of darkness, I fortunately fared better than most and did not witness years of abuse as the others had and used that to my advantage. Now I had gathered a small group who would follow me into hell itself to see the Bloodbreeder world change and change for the good of all. Even if it meant we had to travel the world killing the wicked to set the innocent free…no matter who may die along the way.


This adventure will continue through books 4 'Lies Beneath London' and 5 'The Elders'. In between those books a swing book will come out called 'The Book of Martin' and then after book five I will release the second swing book called; 'Jacob'....and yeppers and with all my Hippie Grandma heart...I will not stop at book five with Renee Lebrun's little ones or her Martin, books 6 and 7 are already bouncing around in the old brain pan. ; p

 Living in Darkness was the first thing I put to paper and I didn't have a clue at what I was doing and had a load to learn. With much help from my daughter...six years later, I am a pretty good pecker and with the killer help from my editor and copy editor I haven't stuck any matches in pockets and burned the bush so to speak..LOL Thank you, Savannah! That was a good catch..LMAO Yes, yes I did that in book two. ; ) Book one where gentle should have been, 'his hand lay gentle on her arm'....I had....'his hand lay genital on her arm'. *Snicker* Nope I never saw it!

I can admit and loud! THIS AUTHOR NEEDS AN EDITOR AND ALL THE HELP SHE CAN GET!!!! BUT I DO HAVE LOADS OF TALES TO TELL!!!! Well, I do..LOL I am known as the warped one and I am going to be the next known female version of the late great Alfred Hitchcock~

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