Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I am doing Right Now~

My one and only contemporary romance. Uncertain Meanings is off to the copy editor, and I am on to another series. Correcting it, that is. ; )

I wrote the Piper Vale series around three years ago and it really feels good jumping back into it. Well, maybe not so much on the grammar part. I am self taught from the ground up....from opening a computer to pecking like a chicken on the keys..LOL So, three years ago, I was even worse than I am now. : ) I started six years ago this month, with a tablet and pencil. But, after that first book, I learned to be a key pecker..LOL

This series is a thriller/mystery that is very graphic in the violence area. My main character/serial killer is a female...and I might add...one hell of a bad-ass. Piper is a tall, self-made gothic chic with tattoo's covering her body, that was once graced with many scars!

Now older, it is time for a little payback for any who even looks at her wrong~ Remember the name Tucker Brown....he will indeed remember her. From the grave, that is. ; ) I've already started my edits and can say chapter two has been exciting. *Wiggling Brows* And most of you know what gets me excited in a read...and it has nothing to do with the romance genre..LOL

All three books in this series is complete all but the ending on book three...due to my not being sure if I want a book four...odds are...I will..LOL

Have a wonderful week all....I have some work to do. This book is about 30k longer than my last and it is going to take me a minute or two to correct all the mistakes. : )

Big Hugs~

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