Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Newest and Next Project~

Starting a new project as I correct my next release: Short Stories of Twisted Tales...The release after Bloodbreeders 4: Lies Beneath London....

A collection of ten of my short horror reads.

Her Blood: My new project, is another vampire tale with a new twist~

The night Kelly Roberts was attack by a rogue vampire who wanted nothing more than to rape her of her blood and then rob what little money she had, would change her reclusive existence forever... and leave the rogue dead from a simple drink of her blood???

Many rogues had taken over the nights of the south side of the city and those who were unfortunate enough to live in that area had to keep their wits about them, if they wanted to stay alive.... Or keep from becoming one who would soon do the same that had been done to them. Some changed, depending on how they died. If the attacker left them with their head they more than likely came back. If many fed on one, they came back manic. Most in the slums took for substance and only what they needed, then taking what their meal had in the way of cash or jewelry. If the vampire took things too far they would remove the head to keep from over populating their territory, or being tracked for their crime.  The government had band it illegal by death if a vampire was caught taking blood without permission, and their whole gang could be taken out if a member was convicted of taken a life or changing an unwilling participant.
Kelly's parents had little choice but to give her the garlic tablets when she was a small child, due to her being allergic to the bite of mosquitos and fleas. And Little Rock had it's fair share of both.  Now an adult and still taking them, with her rare blood type and the strange death of the rogue on her apartment floor, she was now wanted by the government as well as the vampire community.
The government has it plans on her for what runs through her veins and the vampires want her because she carries the cure to their demise. The bitch of it all is.....they both want her dead!
Two males will come into her life: One will be human and one will be a vampire!  One will want to love her in every way, one will be repulsed and both will do it in secrecy. One will betray her while the other will truly try to save her life. Who will work for whom and which one will she choose? Kelly is in for the fight of her life and she will have to come up with many ways to survive both man and beast.
I cannot get this story out of my head and have already started it. ; )
Have a great day...Big Hugs~