Sunday, February 2, 2014


I guess it is no secret who this writer is going for.....but I have to admit that I am no true sports fan. However, I do stick by my man who has been a Denver Bronco Fan his whole life. SO... I am going to give a few ebooks away in his honor. ; )

I will give an ebook of any one of my books to the first three drawn from the Bronco Hat

 of those who leave a comment on this blog...or share or comment on my Facebook...or those who retweet/comment on Twitter to this feed... or those who share or comment on my Google Plus.

If the Denver Broncos WIN....I will give the WHOLE EBOOK SET OF MY BLOODBREEDERS SERIES with a $25.00 cash card....To TWO Winners...that I will pull from the hat/ the three prior winners will be included.

Have a rockin' day.....I hope you all enjoy the game with your peeps, good food, and most of all....have your drinks in the air for the Broncos to WIN!!!!! LOL