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Excerpt to: Bloodbreeders: Lies Beneath London Book Four

Hi all... I thought I would share a little piece that I really enjoy of my fanged babies. All who have completed book three already know there's some exciting things headed Renee's way, but I don't feel right sharing any of that and spoil anything for those who haven't reached that certain part of Renee's journey. ; )  By now most have figured out that this tale is being told by the main character as she remembered it and or was told to her by those who shared that personal hell with her in those first few years after becoming a breeder. Book six will be set in the now, and not like the first five that start in the late 1930's.

Another thing that most of my new readers/fans of the bloodbreeder's don't know, is they can actually go to Burkett, Texas...see the round, above ground tomb where Martin first took Renee and other things around the area, and that tomb truly is where old Doc Hill buried his wife... follow her journey through Texas to Corpus all the way to Cuba. She tells the tale well, even if the writer sucks a bit at knowing the proper skills of being a great writer..LOL  Dropping out of school the second week of the tenth grade back in the seventies and never going back, makes for jacked up typos and messed up grammar errors. God bless my editor/BFF/sister for doing her very best in trying to catch them all, which is an impossible thing to do in most reads. Mine without a doubt..LOL Bless my forgiving readers. I love them all with HUGE Hugs~

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*Warning...This does not go to the editor until tomorrow...Please excuse typos..LOL*

“That must be the church,” Jacob said, stopping to look up at the steeple towering over the top of the other buildings. “Fala, take your human form.” Then he pulled Fala’s pants from the pack that carried the maps.

Fala shifted and changed in the shadows of the trees that were dwarfed by the buildings that towered them, then stepped out bare foot and shirtless. I don’t know if I was expecting the church to be like the ones back home, but it was nothing like them. To our white washed, one story buildings big enough to hold maybe sixty people, this one stood as high as Inara’s castle, made of brick and stone and could more than likely hold all the people in our county and several of the neighboring ones to boot. We jumped the wrought iron fence that circled the back of the church, finding a back door that was made of solid wood and what looked like railroad ties. The door frame and door were arched with a top so high that Cates and Fala would have had a hard time reaching the top with up stretched arms.

The door was locked and wouldn’t budge, so we made our way further around the back, finding a window about six feet off the ground with the same type of iron bars covering it that the fence was made out of. Cates was able to reach up with his one hand and pulled, showing that the top of the iron ribs was loose at the top right. Fala got on Cates’ shoulders and pulled the bars free, handing them down to Garvin, being as quite as he possibly could. He then pushed the window until it slid up enough for him to stand one foot on Cates’ shoulder and slip into the opening. A few moments later he popped his head around the side of the church and waved for us to come back to the arched door.

“Well done, Fala,” Jacob said, putting a hand on his arm. “Did you sense anyone around?”

“Only the smell of normals. I could not tell if they were close by, because the inside is strong with the smell of old scents as well as new ones,” he explained in a low tone as he followed Jacob back inside.

“This is where Sydney would have come in handy,” I whispered, getting a frown from Jacob, and Cates. “Sorry,” I added, shrugging my shoulders.

“One does not need to fell something when they already know the consequences of their actions.” Cates turned back looking in the direction of the way we were headed and got a tongue stuck out at him, because Jacob was holding up a hand for us to be quite.

Garvin laid both of his hands on my shoulders, squeezing lightly. I reached up and touched his hand in a thank you, gesture. Jacob stuck his head around the corner of a room that had a large amount of light coming from it then darted back in just as fast, holding up one finger. He watched until a man left the room then ran to the other side waving us over one at a time. I was the one that had to stop and witness the enormity of the room. There were enough pews to fill the church with hundreds of parishioners. Statues standing on pedestals spread out every other pew, and more affixed to the ceiling looking down on those who come to worship. I wanted more than anything to see what the pews were facing, but I was yanked out of my adoration by the back of my shirt right before the man in a brown gown that draped the floor came back in the large room holding a golden goblet in his hands. I saw from the shadow of the door, him kneeling then walking out of view.

Jacob gave me a stern look, causing me to give him one back that had just as much glare as he was giving me. Fala and Derek were still on the other side of the room as we waited for the strangely dressed man to leave the area again. That’s when he started speaking in a language that I didn’t understand. Jacob waved his hand for Fala and Derek, to go around to the back of the small hall that they were in, and move around another way. After we were all together, Jacob moved us further down the hall, putting Cates to watch our backs. Jacob was about to go down a flight of stairs to our right when a voice rang out. “You dare desecrate the house of, God!”

A bald man dressed just like the younger man that we had seen in the large room, ran back out. Jacob grabbed the back of Garvin’s shirt and hurried him through the door. “Move, he’ll be back,” he said in a low voice. Tammy was next, and was past the door frame when the man came running back in with a silver cross with our Lord Jesus Christ, on it as if he were just being nailed to the cross, and a long silver flask in the other hand. “Our Father who art in Heaven,” he began saying the Lords prayer, pulling the flask back and slinging it toward us. As soon as the contents hit the skin on my arm it started to burn like he had splashed acid on me. “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done.”  Then he raised it back and slung the substance at us a second time. Derek pushed past me, as I pressed my body to the wall, with Jacob trying to push me down the steps after him, yelling run, but I couldn’t stop watching the man’s actions. Cates and Fala were down and Jacob and I were all that was left. “On earth as it is in Heaven.”

“Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,” I said, walking right up to the man, who was now backing up from me, “and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from every evil. Psalms 23. We mean you no harm, but we do need to use your beautiful church to enter the tunnels to stop those who do wish you harm.”

“You are a damned creature. Take this demon from my sight, Lord God,” he said closing his eyes, and then he began praying in the same language that the other man was using, dropping to his knees and clutching the cross close to his chest.

“Forgive me,” I said then turned and headed down the stairs with Jacob right behind me.

The wooden staircase that we started out on soon turned into stone steps that began to curve in a winding fashion the deeper we went. It opened up into a room where Cates grabbed a torch hanging in a wall sconce and kept going down another flight of stairs that were much narrower and twice as curved as the last one that we were on. Once we reached what I thought was the bottom, Jacob slid his flint across the wall and brought the torch to life. He looked back at me with his brows furrowed and began storming up to me so fast that my back hit the wall before I even realized that I was moving away from him.

“What were you thinking up there?”

“What’s the matter with you? He was just another normal, Jacob.”

He grabbed my arm and yanked it forward. “Does this look like the work of a mere normal?”

“It’s some sort of acid,” I replied, looking down at the blisters where the liquid had hit my skin.

“It was water that his magic turned to harm the likes of our kind.”

“That’s nonsense,” I replied, pulling my arm out of his grip.

“Derek holds the marks. I hold the marks… Fala, does not,” he snapped, showing me the side of his arm. “We were lucky he stood alone.”

“Fala, was lucky Jacob. If he would have gotten some of this stuff on him, he would have gotten burned just like us,” I snapped back.

“No, my Lady. I did get the water on my back. Small drops like warm rain.”

“Bull shit,” I replied, walking over taking the torch from Jacob’s hand and turning Fala to look at his back.

Sure enough his back had several drying spots on it. I reached out and touched one that wasn’t quite dry, feeling a slight burn on the tip of my finger. “That’s not possible.” I saw Cates look over at Jacob, and then lower his eyes. “Why does it burn us and not him?” I asked, waiting for any of the others to give me an answer. Then the reality hit me. It was because we were, without any doubt, like the walking dead. Our life left our bodies when the sun rose… we were truly damned in the eyes of the man upstairs, God. The dread of the truth must have shown on my face, because the others gathered around me.

“It is a hard thing to learn, Renee. We all know that you still pray to your God of creation,” Jacob said, trying to take me in his arms.

“I’m not a child, Jacob. And I will keep praying to my Lord, no matter what the world of the bloodbreeder's has caused the rest of the normal world to believe us to be. He can’t be proud of the violence that we cause, but He has to understand the reason behind our actions. One day others will think differently.” Then I turned my back and wiped the tears out of my eyes, before they could give away the sorrow that was killing my broken heart. “I don’t know what that man thought that cross was gonna do. We practically live in cemeteries that are full of them?”


Book four is much more mental than metal and I am excited to see what the bloodbreeder peeps think about it. : ) It's release date will be set as soon as my editor sends the manuscript back to me... and she is very good and very fast!!! Our full plan is to have Lies Beneath London on Amazon this month~

Have a rockin' day all~