Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So Much Book Work....Not Enough Brain Power~

So much book work….not enough brain power~


I have a little excitement that I cannot wait to share with my peeps who enjoy my style of writing. Book one in my second series is almost ready for its launch onto my list of what most would not expect from a Granny..LOL. I am doing my ‘Grandma Snoopy Dance’ because I have seen the cover of my Piper Vale book one and if I could create ….I would not be able to get Piper Vale’s introduction anywhere close to the ‘On The Money’ that Rebel Angel Designs did. But I will share when RAD is finished doing her magic!!!! She sure has an eye for creating!!!

I’m correcting what my editor sent me back and on Ch. 8 and will put in about 8 chapters a day until done. The reason I don’t just slam it out and be done with it is….I have started a short horror read and may have taken a pen name for the second read I started a week after the editing and short story hit. So now I am working on all three … a little on each one every day that I can get time to hit the keys. I always said I wouldn’t use a pen name, but I HAVE to write at least one thing in every genre out there….and the name of the last thing I began working on this month is: Animalist Desires…a full on lust at first sight small novella, very much erotic and could turn out to be a “love” thing? I really do not want my grand babies to grow into teens and see a read with my RRR on it….Labeled sexy romance. ; )


My short horror read …. Something I enjoy doing to get my brain in the mode to create…I write a short spooky tale? Secrets of the Swamp Fog which came to mind when my husband and I took our first trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. We were on the edge of the swamp land in the middle of nowhere and before it got too dark you could see the moss hanging on the slopped branches of the wide bottom root system trees that stood in the water. Not too long after it was good and dark, the fog rolled in like it was being poured out onto our vehicle. Pea soup fog is what my hubby called it. We drove on slowly until we found a rest-stop. Fog so thick you couldn’t see a car go by until the second it past and there was very little traffic out. Before we pulled over I went into warped mode and started telling hubby how cool it would be if a fog face slammed into the windshield and slid up, blackish mouth gapping wide as its thick fog hands gripped the windshield wipers as if it would help it stay longer to glare in at us.

“You have one sick mind, babe.”

“Can’t you see this being several short spooky reads?” I asked as he pulled into a serial killers perfect pit stop…to snag his next vehicle and leave the owners dead in the potty..LOL

“I just want to get off this road before we have an accident.”

“What if there is someone hiding in the fog by the bathroom, waiting to get us?” I snickered.

He parked, got out and relieved himself close behind the car and then got back in and said, “You can go up there and find out.”

“Oh sure. I come back to find the driver’s side door open, blood everywhere and the only sign of you is the drag marks leading deep into the fog.” Good thing I didn’t need the bathroom, I was freaking myself out a wee bit as well..LOL He would have never allowed me to go alone…just saying~

Hubby crashed and I used the dash GPS to watch a horror movie: One was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I think the other was Wrong Turn. Once he woke up and the fog was lifting due to the sun coming up….there went my movies..LOL

 Best shot in Wrong Turn..LOL

And then there is completing, The Book of Martin….so I can start Bloodbreeders: The Elders book 5.


 It is a 'shhhhhh' thing. The Book of Martin (Marteen) tells all....from the beginning of the bloodbreeder's existence, as well as his own birth... taking us right up to the night he first saw Renee at the farm in book one. And we are talking taking our readers through thousands of years.
 So much work and not enough brain power or time! However….if I can get my time lined out, I may be able to pull off getting it all complete in a few weeks’ time. All but writing BB5, of course. Lots of hard work means no goofing off..LOL

Okay, that’s my jabbering about my ‘Have to get ‘er done’ blog.  
Have a rockin' day....Big Hugs~