Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dare I hit the open road alone? Or be one of those women who would NEVER go it alone?

Taking a two to three week road trip...alone! Staying only at places with electrical plugs.

I will be living in my truck with its camper shell. Cook on my mini grill and writing at least seven to eight hours a night or day?

Best part besides being having so many weapons that, that alone could get me busted. ; )

I hadn't told anyone in my family, other than my daughter...until last night when I finally told her dad. Yes, they all think I'm nuts....and maybe I am. BUT, I've lost my beautiful area of Burkett, Texas and will not be going there ever again.

Doing the price check. Camping in my big truck, also with me being small enough to climb through back window, where as I will not have to go in and out after dark. The trip will cut my cost by 3/4 compared to paying for a room for 14 to 21 days.

My plan is heading out by early November and to drive back in close to the end. I'll have take loads of good food, loads of healthy drinks..LOL Being I cannot eat anything goog,,lol

Personally....I cannot wait and I have a feeling that this is going to seem like a forever  wait and I'm already packed..LOL

First question that I was asked: "Aren't you afraid?"

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! If I could drive out tomorrow, I would have been gone today~

Have a rockin' Day with Great Big Hugs!