Saturday, April 2, 2016

New BLOODBREEDER Release: The Book of Martin (The Beginning)

I could not be more proud to introduce the book that tells how my Bloodbreeder's came to be in the 5th book written in my series. However, The Beginning was the 5th book to come to life so that those who follow the Heroes of this tales adventures...can know where their roots were first planted and where those origins came from.


The world had changed for all, not just the creatures of the night, when the star’s fell from the heavens and destroyed the city where it all began. He had searched its streets for ‘her’ bloodline…returning time and time again for thousands of years before looking into the child’s eyes that he would call son and all would come to know as, Martin (Marteen) Lebrun.

This is the tale of how the bloodbreeder’s world came to be…..

Excerpt: (Small note...Martin changed his own name from Notap that was given him as a small child. You'll read  why that name was so hurtful to him and then why he had changed it as a man the further you travel through Martin's journey with him.)

“It has taken two life times to create, as you said. And more normal and breeder slaves than any should ever own. It has three levels underneath as well. Maybe one night you will be able to have a look for yourself.”
“I think the great room is plenty enough for one night. We leave in a few hours. So where is that wine and those women? We do not have until the crispy side of day. I have a home to finish and my workers will not do a damn thing without my whip,” Amir glanced back at Notap and shook his head no.
Notap just stood there not knowing what to do. It felt like something had a hold of his thoughts, his actions, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. That, he did not like. With all that he had he forced his head toward the door. “I am in control over my own body,” he hissed as he forced his right leg to take a step and then the left. “I belong to no one.”
“Notap, come sit with your master,” Amir said and like magic Notap turned and walked over and sat down on a pillow at Amir’s feet.
Zohar clapped his hands, “Yvette, our wine, now!”
A young woman, slender, with waist length dark hair came walking out of one of the dark tunnels carrying a tray holding a vase and several wooden mugs. She wore a blue wrap-around cloth that covered her from her breasts to her feet and opened between her legs, almost showing her privates. The material was so thin you could see her entire body as if she wore nothing. Notap couldn’t stop staring and watched her every move. She poured a small amount in the mugs she handed Amir and Zohar, but was stopped when she went to fill a mug for Notap.
“You may fill his to the top. Unlike you, he is given the choice of when he wants to be brought over. I told her that cries of never, never, never would not work. But they never listen. Now do as you are told and then leave my sight.”
“I think you are beautiful,” Notap whispered, receiving a smack in the back of the head by Amir.
“I tell you, normal…once you become a man and are one of us, you can have her. She is nothing but one in a hundred to me. Used women are just that, used women. No matter how long you wait, she will be worth no more than the trash she is now.”
“You have everything, correct?” Notap asked.
“No Amir, let him speak.”
“You have everything, the best of everything. Even your wine is the sweetest that I have ever put to my lips,” he took a huge drink. “And that surely means your personal guard is the best that there is, without a doubt?” Notap pulled his braid around feeling the tip of his thin blade.
“I concur with all you have said. What is your point, normal?”
“If I can beat your best will you sell the woman to my father, being she is but one in a hundred to you?”
Zohar burst out laughing and Amir joined in. Paluto also began laughing along with everyone else in the room, so Notap tried to laugh out louder than all of them. “If you are this sure of your best then make the bet and take the deal.”
“You cannot take my best with your normal hands to his breeder strength. What games do you play at, boy?”
“Your guards claimed I did not have a weapon and they are the best. I did not say a word.”
“Does my best get you for the night if he pins you on the count of say…three?”
Notap saw Amir shaking his head and knew he could not interrupt and demand anything other than give the order to take down Zohar’s best. “What say you, Amir?” Notap wanted to call him father, but had no idea what he had told the master of the keep.
“I say do what you do best my son and make me proud.”
“Yes…Father. Zohar, send out your best!”
Everyone in the open room made their way to the walls, pulling the tables with them as they went. Some spoke among themselves, while others pushed and shoved, throwing things down on the table tops, betting on how long the normal would stand. Vibrations shook the wooden plank floor with each step. The biggest breeder that Notap had ever seen bent down to walk through the seven foot high archway and then take two more giant steps to stand in front of his master.
Notap looked at the man-beast from the back of his large feet to the top of his shaggy head. He then looked around at his father who was tapping lightly at the left side of his chest, then looked over, adjusting the cloth as if someone were watching him.
“This small normal wishes to try and beat you in battle. If you do your very best not to kill him, he will be yours this night,” Zohar paused as the man-beast growled out his approval. “But, also know that he will be doing his very best to kill you.” Those words had the entire room erupting in laughter again. “Pin him down for the count of three and you win. You will know if you lose because you will be dead,” Zohar shrugged. “Now go make your father proud.”
Notap backed away as the big man turned to face him. “You are as ugly, as you are big. How did any change you and live to tell the tale?” The man-beast took three running steps, reaching down for Notap who was far too fast for the out-reached hands. Notap leaped up on one of the tables, moving right as one of the man-beast’s fists came crashing down. He was unbraiding his hair as fast as his legs would move to stay away from the creature that was chasing him, all the while giving the crowd a spectacular show. Feeling the string covered grip, Notap pulled the thin, six inch blade free.
Running up behind the beast he sliced the back of his left knee and kept running, sliding under a table then moving quickly to the shelter of another, as the man-beast screamed out, making his way to crush another table to find his query. The other breeders began kicking at Notap to get him out of their area, seeing that the best had no care of who or what got in his way. Four male breeders already lay moaning on the floor, because of the weight of the man-beast’s fist.
From in between two tables, Notap leaped out and hit the man-beast under the jaw with his thin dagger. Both stood there looking into the other’s eyes, both seeming to be a bit confused. Then the man-beast spit blood and coated Notap’s face and upper chest. He then backhanded Notap off of the table while he was trying to clear his eyes. As fast as the man-beast could move he was on top of his prey using one hand to hold him down on the floor.
“Remember that pressure boy, which is the very thing that he will be doing this night,” Zohar yelled out, swatting Amir on the arm. “Looks like your son should have not spoken so soon. Maybe you should have taken him out more often.”
“Maybe it is you who has spoken too soon, Zohar.”
“You will never touch another, you pig,” Notap hissed as he shoved the dagger deeper into the man-beast’s heart. He then pulled his legs up and kicked out as hard as he could; hitting the end of his weapon and seconds later was covered in a thick black gore. “What in the stars is this?”
“It means you won,” Amir said as he stood and started clapping. “My son of which I am very proud!”
“Yes, he has done well this night. And the woman is yours. But, watch her well. She is not an old breeder, but a very crafty young one. She has never disagreed with a command and tries even harder to please than any I have owned. She is one I do not mind being rid of. The stars do not line up where she is concerned.”
“She will be Notap’s problem, not mine. If she does get out of order, then he can be her whipping boy until he tires of it.” They shook hands and Amir stepped down to greet his son.
“I won, Father. But, I do not know why he turned into this?” Notap turned his hands over to show his father the black gore.
“The older that our kind are, the different our deaths become. Some turn to ash, some who are young remain the same, or simply wrinkle. But, you can ask your new servant to help with your bath once we return home.”
“You bought her then?”
“You won did you not?”
“I did, but I did not think he would keep his word.”
Amir cleaned at Notap’s face. “He does not trust her, or he sends her to seek information about us. Either could be truth, but no matter how you look at it, she belongs to us now.”


I began writing Bloodbreeders: The Elder, book 5...and 6 in the series, this past week and have very much enjoyed my own continued adventure with my fang babies. I apologize to all who have been waiting as my 'semi-normal' world and health has decided to level out enough to allow me to get back to work. And I have NO plans on slowing down.

I would like to Thank all who have been so kind to stick with me and those who are still here after the lengthy time that I was away. Many blessing and super BIG hugs from a writer who is extremely grateful to have readers/friends/family of the Bloodbreeder clan such as all of you!!! Not to mention supporting me with the books that I have out there, that also needed attention in the worst way!

As a writer, I will do my best to not let you down and continue to release my work...and without a doubt, share by creating the rest of the Bloodbreeder's tale. 

Big Loveyalotsilishous Hugs~