Sunday, July 10, 2016


For all my peeps! Due to all the shares, #retweets, likes and hearts of my BLOODBREEDER series sale...I am overly proud to say that there is already 77 names going into the #print book #giveaway hat! As of right now Diane Brents name is in the hat 5 times! I will continue to keep count until the sale ends.

3 signed prints of my contemporary romance: Uncertain Meanings

3 signed prints of Bloodbreeder's Living in Darkness Book 1

3 signed prints of Bloodbreeder's: The Revenge Book 2

3 signed prints of Short Stories of Twisted Tales

And two beautiful black stain glass goblet style wine glasses will be up for grabs.

First place will receive one of each book and the wine glasses. Depending on how many names go in the hat and how many ebooks in the Bloodbreeders series are picked up....which is another way to get your name an extra 1 to 5 times into the hat...will determine how the rest of the print books go out.

How will I know if someone picks up an ebook...because you will have to let me know..LOL If you already have the BB series then any of my 99 can't books will get you an extra entry.