Monday, December 3, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 5

Got to talk about my love of horror and why it is my favorite thing to write. Well, to be honest, I really don't know why it's my fav but I can tell you I dig the shit out of anything horror based. If I can chop, slice, dismember, gut, decapitate, beat the crap out of the bad guys and then do all of the above to them then I am one happy camper..LOL I also dig writing things that put chills up the spine, like stories about haunted houses, old building, cursed land or tales of folk-lore.

Some of my stories come from places that I have been or seen as I was driving by, while others come from a single thought that could be about a bug or even a tree branch blowing in the wind. That would be how Roots of Evil came to life and a group of camper's lost their lives when a wicked tree in the middle of a pond, ate them. ; ) Guess they should have paid more mind to the 'No Trespassing' sign..LOL  All in all I have written over 70 short horror stories and one sweet one that is still posted on Author Danielle Steels' beauty site, that was placed there from a contest I was in where I came in 5th out of thousands when I first started writing. That made me feel pretty good, but I haven't written a sweet story since. : ) Nope, the rest are as warped as I could make them!

You can find one of my stories that are shared in part weekly on Author Savannah Rayne's blog on Wednesdays, that will also go into one of my short story novels later down the line. So far I have two with my publisher at Hellfire Publishing and I have enough to put together two more books. Maybe more. ; ) I just happen to be one of those writers who can look at a blank page and see a story come to life with little to no research, unless of course, it has something to do with folk-lore.

All I know is my life would sure be boring if I had to write nothing but contemporary...But thankfully we as author's can write whatever the hell we want no matter if it isn't like by anyone out there and that is why I dig today's post. Well, I guess I should say this weeks post because once again I have to go out of town, but I am taking my laptop and will do my best to blog about Why I Dig It~ 6 if I have the time?

Happy Holidays Baby~