Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why I Dig It~ 6

I guess I should make todays post as the 'I can skip a few days of posting if I feel like it!' LOL Honestly, I just don't have the time to create a blog on a daily bases. Yes, a great deal of the time I am just being lazy but the rest of my time, I am either on the road or playing with my beautiful grand-babies.

I have an enormous amount of work to do. I'm editing book three in my Bloodbreeders' series which is much longer than the first two at about 370 pages. Book four is all but complete due to the fact that I never finish a book in my series unless I am ready to start the next book??? Just a fruit-loop I guess..LOL However, in my BB series every book is like turning the next page since the first 5 books is just one long tale, told by the main character: Renee (Crocker) Lebrun. Though, all of my characters have a POV when the time comes. I want my readers to see the whole store as if they were in the mix of things, so to speak and not just waiting to see what is going to happen when the main peeps are in the picture.

I am also working on the sequels to several of my short miniseries, all horror based and with an erotic flavor. One will find me at all times writing some sort of horror short even while I am working on one of my novels. They just seem to relax me??? I have a new script in the making and more than a few books to read for others.

At least once a week my grands stay the night and as long as they can the next day and my laptop is never opened when they are here. I live and take care of my elderly mom, while driving twice a month, four hours to go visit my hubby who is taking care of his ill mother...where he has been for six months.

So you see why I do not have time to create a post every day of the week..LOL And this is why I dig today's post. Who cares if I have a new read up everyday...Would you guys really want me to have that boring of a life that I had nothing to do but sit here and blog about something you've more than likely read on another blog. ; )  *Snicker* I sure hope not!

Hope you all have something more to do than just read blogs all day....and are enjoying life as much as I am....And believe it or not...I am a very reclusive person. ; ) It's how we fill our days that matter, not how much we can shove in it!

Happy Holidays Babies~