Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Turning Bloodbreeder 2

Hi all...This week I am going to talk about one of my favorite characters in the Bloodbreeder series.


In book one he is just a dumb teen who cracks everyone up with his duh frame of thinking. Now some may think Renee is wrong to change a bunch of teens, but those who know her in book one, knows she isn't much different then they are and knows they have no one but her when all is said and done. Yeah, not a one is over 18 but it's not like they are having sex or anything like that...and if others can write about teen vamps then so can I..LOL Mine are just a little violent and not so much into the romance side of things...that is NOT what this series is about.

Derek is the younger of two brothers and they hang with two other orphans that have run away from what they think of as a prison for kids that are not wanted and have no these four teens make a family of their own. Derek, of course, is the dare devil and does things that just makes the others shake their heads and laugh. He is the one who brings out the humor in all of the books.

Derek is also the one that tries things that no vamp, not my vamps, should try to drink something other than blood and thinks since he is so strong and a new being that he could fly and dives off a cliff only to end up with a broken bone when he hits the bottom hard!!! LOL

All four of the young people, Brandon, Derek, Ashley and Bo are characters from real people that I have known and some I still have contact with....Derek being one of them. The real Derek isn't as goofy as my vamp but I used their names because these are just some really cool kids. And yep, Derek and Brandon still live in Burkett where this series came to life.

I can't say much about the books that haven't been released, but I can say that Derek becomes one of the best badass's in this whole series and one of the few that remain....because all that have read book two, knows I do not keep all of my main peeps around....would be too boring to not let a few get whacked and have all the same throughout the whole series. I like bringing in new people and the next I will talk about is a 400 year old teen, named Jacob, and yes I had my Jacob way before Twilight came out..LOL He is beautiful and has a twin named Jessica...and both can fight like no one business and they are the ones who teach my little ones the skill of martial arts. Jacob and Jessica are also real people and my family members and yep they are both black belts in the art.

Bloodbreeders: Living in Darkness

Bloodbreeders: The Revenge

Coming very soon...Bloodbreeders: Seeking Others....the longest book in the five book series.

Hellfire Publishing

If ya want, come back next week and learn about the BIGGEST Badass in this series: Jacob!!!

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